Andy Warhol » Endi Vorhol | 33 “Andy Warhol Exhibits” will present an overview of his exhibition practise for the first time, encompassing both his earlier and later works of his exhibition practise for the first time, encompassing both his earlier and later works. A balanced observation of the various media that Warhol used shows that his modes of presentation should be understood as an essential part of his oeuvre. Two different aspects of the artist‘s personality will be juxtaposed on two levels of themuseum– with the oft quoted staged side contrasting with the hidden, almost unnoticed side of his persona. “Defrosting the Icebox” presents AndyWarhol as a curator. Although this exhibition does not include his works, it does contain his presentation strategies that broke from traditional museum standards. Instead of prioritising the visual arts, Warhol exhibited works of applied art. Instead of applying a classification system of chronology, mediumor style, Warhol presented objects without consideration of history and hierarchy. The exhibitionwill present selectedworks fromthe collections of Vienna‘s museumof ethnology, Weltmuseum, as well as fragments of Greek and Roman sculptures from the collections of Vienna‘s museum of art history, Kunsthistorisches Museum. “Misfitting Together” addresses serial formations as a common component of the three artistic directions of pop art, minimal art and conceptual art. This exhibition shows how strongly these three directions influenced one another and how difficult it is to categorise them in an art-history sense. Works by Andy Warhol are joined by works of Lutz Bacher, Daniel Buren, Hanne Darboven, Jan Dibbets, Jasper Johns, On Kawara and many others that depict a more nuanced picture of the times. Screen Test: Billy Linich, 1964 / ©2019 The AndyWarhol Museum, Pittsburgh Awas a lady who went shopping at Sacks, ca. 1953 / © The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh