Upoznajte faunu Mediterana, Jadrana i Bokokotorskog zaliva Meet the fauna of the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Bay of Kotor AQUAR I UM I N KOTOR The livingworld of the Adriatic “above thewater” Covering an area of 300 square metres, AquariumBoka is located in Kotor’s Radoničić Palace and is stocked with 60 different species of fish, crabs and shellfish THE INSTITUTE OF MARINE BIOLOGY HAD A FUNCTIONAL aquarium in the 1970s and ‘80s, but it was used exclusively for experimental-scientific purposes. And already back then the idea arose to open such a facility within the walls of the Old Town of Kotor, based on the example of the Dubrovnik Aquarium. And this year finally saw the opening of the first aquarium inMontenegro, located in part of the building of the Institute for Marine Biology of the University of Montenegro that is itself housed in one of the most beautiful buildings in Kotor, Radoničić Palace. AquariumBoka today forms an integral part of the Adriatic Biodiversity Conservation Centre. A modern and technologically advanced aquariumwith 16 pools of various dimensions, it presents the living world of the Adriatic “above the water”. On the basis of photographic images of underwater habitats from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj that have been provided by the scientist-divers of the Institute for Marine Biology, replicas of the Montenegrin coast’s most interesting marine habitats were created, with species that show all the splendour and beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the Bay of Kotor. The aquariumcomprises three interconnected spaces, with the first thematic exhibition (Mediterranean, Adriatic and Bay of Kotor) complemented by 12 infographics detailing the most interesting facts related to the marine ecosystem. Aquarium Boka is currently inhabited by 60 different species of fish, crabs and shellfish. Creatures are provided with continuous care from the moment they are taken from the sea, while a clear plan defines how long they will stay in the Kotor aquariumbefore the initiating of procedures to return them to the same spot or a similar site. According to the Institute for Marine Biology, Aquarium Boka will be a tourist attraction, but will also provide opportunities for scientists to perform various scientific experiments “in vivo”, and to monitor everything that is very difficult to observe in the natural environment, such as the growth and development of organisms and interactions between species. Kotor » Kotor | 99 CrnaGora Montenegro