Vienna » Beč | 95 Dodatni letovi između Beograda i Beča obavljaće se petkom i nedeljom. Uz ovo pojačanje, Er Srbija nudi do 10 nedeljnih letova između dva grada Additional flights between Belgrade and Vienna will operate on Fridays and Sundays. With these additions, Air Serbia will be offering up to 10 weekly flights between the two cities FOTO: Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid B EAU T Y. LOVE . POE T RY Titian’s paintings of woman in Vienna Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum of art history is staging an exhibition, from5th October 2021 to 16th January 2022, that provides visitors with the opportunity to view the works of Venetian Renaissance master Titian Vecellio and his contemporaries Entitled Titian’s Vision of Women: Beauty – Love – Poetry, the exhibition is divided into ten chapters that reveal different aspects of Titian’s creative work: The Ideal Portrait; Women As Individuals;The Reflex Of Beauty; Semi-Nude Deities On Earth; United Forever; Heroines And Female Saints; Sex Object And Goddess; FemaleAuthors, Poets andPoet-Courtesans;The Splendid World Of myths; and Allegories. The exhibition will feature works loaned frommuseums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre, the Prado Museum, the Uffizi Gallery, London’s National Gallery, St. Petersburg’s Hermitage, the Academia Gallery of Venice, Berlin StateMuseums and others. Also included among the works will be loans from private collections. Shortly after the year 1500, Titian began creating works that depicted women in a different light. The beauty of the Venetian woman was legendary. Inspired by contemporary love poetry and literature, Titian and his contemporaries, such as Palma Vecchio, Lorenzo Lotto, Paris Bordone, Jacopo Tintoretto and Paolo Veronese, began creating poetic, sensual, idealised depictions of women that went on to have a revolutionary impact on European painting during the following centuries. Once they discovered women as the subject of their art, portraits offering realistic likenesses were replaced by depictions of young blonde women, who were regarded as the ideal of feminine beauty in Venice. Tekst / Words: Jelena Čolić