88 | Grožđebal » Grožđebal RHYTHM OF SERBIA / RHYTHM OF SERBIA SE P T EMB E R I S J OY AND WOR K Pour me some September wine, I want to recall the songs It is difficult to describe the autumn celebration during harvest time, the slender legs of girls trampling fruit in barrels and songs sung in celebration of grapes or wine. You have to experience that in Serbia for yourself Back in the 13th century, during the time of Stefan Nemanja's successors, the Kingdom of Serbia had a lawthat referred to the preparation and quality of wine. Even the Charter of Stefan the First-Crowned contains records showing that Tzar Dušan had large vineyards and a royal wine cellar in the vicinity of Prizren. The same charter also records themeaning and significance of the wine goblet in medieval Serbia. The wine goblet represented an invitation for discussion and agreement, and drinking wine from the goblet meant an oath, a warning, a promise… There are many historical tales and legends from ancient times, but the 19th century is still remembered Palićki Berbanski dani Na Paliću će se 11. i 12. septembra održati Berbanski dani sa bogatim i atraktivnimprogramom kakoza turiste i ljubiteljevina, tako i zavinogradare. Programobuhvata Berbansku paradu, izložbu voća, grožđa, vina, folklorne i muzičke tačke. Organizuje se i Berbanski voz, ceremonija konzula i vitezova vinskog reda, degustacija vina, vinski tunel. Palić Grape Harvest Days On 11th and 12th September, Palić will host its traditional Grape Harvest Days event, which has a rich and attractive programme for both tourists and wine lovers, but also forwinegrowers.Theprogrammeincludesawineharvestparade, anexhibition of fruits, grapes and wine, withfolkloreandmusical elements. Also organised are a grape harvest train, parade, ceremony of consuls andknightsof thewineorder,wine tasting and a wine tunnel. Grožđebal u Vršcu Vršački festival grožđa i vina održaće se od 19. do 20. septembra. Okupljeni koji slave berbu grožđamoći će da degustiraju odlična vina i da se vesele uz dobru muziku. Festival tradicionalnoprate vatromet, koncerti, nastupi tamburaša i nagradne igre. Winefest in Vršac TheVršacGrape andWineFestival takesplacefrom19th to20th September.Those who gather here to celebrate the grape harvest will be able to tastegreatwineandenjoy themselves to the soundsof goodmusic. The festival is traditionally accompaniedbyfireworks, concerts, tamburitzaperformances andcompetitive games with prizes. FOTO: / Eskymaks FOTO: iStock / Goran Todorov