Belgrade » Belgrade | 77 Belgrade's oldest palatial residence recently opened its doors to all those wanting to see the new permanent exhibition and hear the story of the turbulent national history of Serbs fromthe 19th century, of their life in the Ottoman Empire, the conflicts of the first and second Serbian uprisings, intrigue, betrayal and victories; about the rule of Prince Miloš, the stateman’s endeavours of Prince Mihailo and his demise, the Serbian-Turkishwars and theBerlinCongress. It alsohas reliable documents and photographs testifying to the reigns of kings Milan and Alexander, the last rulers of the Obrenović dynasty, as well as their tragic fall from power... The Topčider residence wasMiloš's favourite Already uponentering theResidence, you will immediately get the impression that you’ve entered a time machine leading to the time when Miloš decided, after Serbia gained autonomy within the Ottoman Empire, to erect one of his most important palaces on the periphery of Belgrade, where theTurkish flag still flew. “The Residence of Prince Miloš was one of four of his Belgrade courts. Erected largely in 1831, certain works, mainly on decoration, extended until 1834. It was part of a court that included the court chapel of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and numerous auxiliary buildings.TheTopčider residence later became Miloš's favourite among all his Belgrade courts. It was from there that he prepared for his travels, performed his ruling duties and receivedMPs, diplomats, elders and otherdistinguishedguests,” explains our host Boris Marković, curator of the Residence of Prince Milos. Beauty of the Divanhana Tekst/Words: Violeta Nedeljković Fotografije/Photography: Đorđe Kojadinović R ES I DENCE OF PR I NCE M I LOŠ Belgrade’s oldest palace In Belgrade’s Topčider Park near Košutnjak forest park, in the shade of an enormous plane tree, stands a modest palace with a white façade that was built on this site in 1831 by the founder of the Obrenović dynasty and one of the founding fathers of the modern Serbian state - Prince Miloš