Film » Film | 51 Over recent years, we’ve been watching you perform in a large number of extremely diverse television series. Howmuch did you enjoy the change of your working environment and the fact that you play the lead role in a filmwith a pronounced artistic character? “Every change is enjoyable for every actor. The essence of acting is actually in changing roles and characters. It is clear to everyone that, when you embark on the “adventure” of an art house film, you expect a different audience that isn’t as large as in the case of commercial films, but which is more intellectually and cinematically shrewd. Working on such projects is a special challenge and a great pleasure.” You acted alongside Slovenian actress Savina Geršak, who we haven’t seen on the big screen for a long time. Howwas that experience? “Savina played my wife in the film and we had wonderful collaboration. Of course, through long conversations with the director, we constructed our characters together and formed a picture of two people who, after spending years living together, for various reasons, reach a dead-end that is difficult to exit, so they each handle such a life challenge in their own individual way. But these kinds of characters are actually a challenge FRANO LASIĆ THERE ARE NO BORDERS IN ART FL for an actor to play. Savina, apart from being a genuinely serious professional on set, delighted me when I saw that, regardless of how tough the day’s shoot was, it was obligatory for her to run 10 kilometres!” The Elegy of Laurel is a film that was directed by a Montenegrin director, stars a Croatian actor and a Slovenian actress, and was supported by FilmCenter Serbia. Does the future of film from these lands lie precisely in this kind of unification on the artistic front? “It is wonderful that Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia are participating in one project. I think that art is something that unites us as human beings in every way, regardless of the lands we come from, regardless of the language we speak or the colour of our skin, because there are no borders in art.” We will also watch you soon in the Serbian Dynasty, the original version of which emptied the streets of the former Yugoslavia. Will you at least scratch the surface of that level of fame and success? “The remake of Dynasty is being filmed and I play the role of Blake’s lawyer. It was an extremely popular series in the ‘80s and I think our version will also be watched. The topics it deals with are very similar today as they were back then, and often the same. It’s a good production, everything looks really world class.” Will you sing for us again? “I constantly sing for myself [laughs]. The Corona disrupted all of us. I performed a series of concerts with the klapa [Dalmatian acapella] in the region, and plan to do so again. I’m not a singer. I’m an actor, but I love to sing. During the time of this pandemic, I was also considering some new CD, so I’m slowly collecting material and ideas… And, after all, he who sings means no harm…” Rad na art filmu je poseban izazov i veliko zadovoljstvo Working on art film is a special challenge and a great pleasure