40 |Serije» Series KULTURA / CULTURE The screen adaptation of Cecily von Ziegesar’s novel series about the most exciting adventures of rich and ostentatious New Yorkers had its global premiere in 2007, after which everything changed in the domain of television shows aimed at young people. However, the series equally addressed those in their late 20s and early 30s. Luxury alongside pampering, intrigue and honesty... All this flavoured the recognisable paradigm of ups and downs in an irresistible way that we’ve experienced as unscrupulously wealthy since as far back as F. Scott Fitzgerald. Alongside that, reality somewhat imitated art in the case of Gossip Girl: record viewing figures in the first seasons, then a drastic fall in ratings for the final, sixth season of the series. Still, the beautiful cast, fantastic stylings (the work of costume designer Eric Daman), dizzying interiors and a precise playlist that included everything frompop to Pitchfork remained as a testament to that time. And, like the icing on the cake, the seductive voice of Kristen Bell, as a devilishly good narratorwho turnedamediocreplot into an intricate sensation - securing her eternal place in the iconography of pop culture. It was last year that HBO Max announced a reboot was being prepared, and after the turnaround of the pandemic, the new Gossip Girl appeared on its streaming platform in early July. One thing was immediately clear: the new era of Gossip Girl is noticeably less exciting than the original. It’s not that anything is wrong with it in itself, just that it pales in comparison to similar series that achieve record viewing figures today - like the dangerously sexy Riverdale or the Spanish Elite, where every resemblance to GG is completely intentional. The new team of young actors reflects the imperative of diversity in today’s showbiz world, and given that social networks have taken off in the years since the original version aired, it is interesting to watch how the premise of privacy has changed. Today, when we voluntarily share every detail of our existence (whether privileged or not), it’s tough to say which secret could tarnishone’s reputation. Apart from perhaps something proving that you’re not as nice and tolerant as you’d like people to think you are. All in all, Gossip Girl remains the ultimate “guilty pleasure” series. Bogati tinejdžeri saMenhetna strepe od misteriozne tračare koja pikanterije o njihovomživotu objavljuje na blogu Wealthy teens from Manhattan fear a mysterious gossip girl who publishes spicy details about their lives on a blog FOTO: / HBOMAX FOTO: Profimedia / HBO MAX FOTO: Profimedia / HBOMAX