Junior this July, who passed away at the age of 15. “This is the hardest part in life. Especially when you love someone and that someone has created such a great impact in the world. I know that Junior's body died, but I believe that his spirit, heart andmemories will never go away, but the end of his body is the beginning of a new era.” But life goes on, and with it comes new projects. What does the show Better Man Better Dog bring us? “There is nothing newhere and that’s what’s most beautiful about it. My life mission for decades has been to find a balance in the relationship between dog owners and their pets. That was also my main motivation when I was thinking about this show. The fact is that on streets worldwide – fromMexico, through Los Angeles to Serbia – thousands of dogs are fighting for their lives on a daily basis. I know that this topic is particularly relevant in the Balkans, just as I know that many people are trying to give these dogs a chance at life.The aim of my show is to help them do so in the right way. The desire for a noble deed is not enough. Sometimes good intentions turn into a real hell, and it is precisely the animals who suffer the most.” What’s the most useful advice for any new owner wanting to adopt a dog? “When adopting a dog, the most important thing is not to rush. Many of those who rushwith this decision subconsciously have the thought - if I don’t succeed, it’s an animal and I can always bring it back. And that is the worst thing you can do, and it speaks the most about what kind of person you are andwhat your real motives are. Before you give a dog a home, first consider why you are doing it - for himor for yourself.What is the real reason for your deed?Many people only really get to know themselves through the raising of a dog. People are the ones who change. Dogs are always the same.” How does mediating between an owner and their new pet function? “It sometimes seems tome that I’m always awaited by most of my work with people rather than with dogs.The character of the dog is the way it is. There is not much variation here, andmost of his reactions are actually amirror of your behaviour. The education of new owners implies an entire range of psychological mechanisms that primarily serve to bring balance to the members of the family that’s adopting a dog, and only them as a community with the dog. Imagine a dog in a dysfunctional family. However, in a huge number of cases, from my experience, the dog is the factor that unifies even the most chaotic of communities. Although they are only able to bark and show us their love and desires with their loyalty andtenderness, it appears as though their language is understood by all people around the world. And that is what’s noblest with dogs.” What’s the biggest mistake made by new dog owners? “Most new owners make the same mistake. They give too much thought to the bed in which their dogs will sleep, the toys they will play with, coats, shoes and other completely secondary things. The most important thing is to start training and educating the dog immediately, inorder for themto learn the basic norms of behaviour and adapt to their new home as early as possible. All owners who make this initial mistake end up in a situation after a fewmonths where the dog, through the fault of the owner, starts gnawing on shoes and furniture, defecating where it shouldn't and simply doesn't fit into the rosy image created by the new owner about what his pet will be like. It is rare to find those who are capable of staying on the surface in such situations, so training and teaching the rules is the most important lesson for every new owner.” How can we avoid giving up on a dog that we’ve just adopted? “Communication is the most important aspect of everything. A lot of love and understanding are required. Many people view this process of getting used to each other through the size of the dog, through the breed it belongs to, how old it is. During my career, and even in this show, I’ve worked with thousands of dogs and found a common language with each of them. Regardless of their temperament, age or size. I’ve spent my life with two wonderful pit bulls, and walkedwith Labradors, Retrievers, Terriers of all kinds, Poodles, Basenjis, Rottweilers.That’s like growing accustomed to people in our world on the basis of whether they come fromMexico, Jamaica, Chile, America or Serbia. I suppose the most important thing is who these people are, not where they come from. My advice for any newowner is to get to know your dog through walking. That’s how you learn the most about your pet. And he best gets to know you and your habits. Walks are the best way to educate both the dog and the owner.” INTERVJU / INTERVI EW 22 | Intervju » Interview