Giftun je jedno od najlepših odredišta za ronjenje u blizini Hurgade Giftun is one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the vicinity of Hurghada Nekada malo ribarsko selo, Hurgada je prerasla u najposecenije odredište u Egiptu Once a small fishing village, Hurghada has grown to become the most visited destination in Egypt 350 SUNČANIH DANA U GODINI SUNNY DAYS IN THE YEAR also dragging it for kilometres across the remote desert sands to the Nile, from where it was shipped to Rome. Nearby Mons Claudianus supplied the Romans with rare black granite, which was used to carve the pillars of Rome’s Pantheon. The Mons Porphyrites quarries are located 40 kilometres northwest of Hurghada. Abdel-Moneim Riad Mosque Once a small fishing village, Hurghada has grown to become the most visited destination in Egypt. Though it is nestled alongside the bright, blue waters that bring many visitors to the area, the Abdel-Moneim Riad Mosque stands tall on its own — offering visitors a chance to connect with the daily life and culture of this seaside town. The intricate design of the mosque’s classic Islamic architecture — combined with its scenic placement in the area between the main street and the ocean — makes this a unique mosque to visit. The minarets can be seen from afar, while the call to prayer can be heard resonating from within its walls. Its domes, arches and hallways are detailed with delicate carvings. Local ciFOTO: iStock / Majaiva tizens can often be seen heading to the mosque, with most of them visiting for Friday prayers. The Abdel-Moneim Riad Mosque is located in the centre of Hurghada, off El-Nasr Road. Out of respect, women may be asked to cover their heads before entering. Visiting hours depend on local religious services. Admission is free, though donations are accepted.