Olympic games» Olimpijske Igre | 105 Serbia’s Dolphins have once again shown that water polo is a sport that many play, but that Serbia ultimately wins, with this year’s victory representing its sixth consecutive Olympic medal. Our water polo players have brought us so much joy at different Olympic Games that it can no longer be described in an adequate way. Is it necessary to stress that we’re a country of water polo? And to underline, we’re a landlocked country. Collectedworks could be penned about Serbia’swater polo players, covering 20 volumes. And the kind of people they are could best be seen by the emotions with which they approached the special parting of ways with the seven greats. Filipović, Prlainović, Aleksić, the Pijetlović brothers, Stefan and Bane Mitrović, these human boulders, will no longer play for the national team.They said their goodbyeswith style, although they didn’t have to, just to avoid occupying the places of younger ones. Yet more proof of their greatness. Nevertheless, occupying a special place in thehearts of all water polo players, but also the rest of us, is Dejan Savić. That benevolent giant. A man who has won everything, butwhodoesn’t gloat about it, becausemodesty is a virtue. AndDejan really doesn’t talkmuch.With him it’s deeds that work. “It didn’t take thatmuch strength, itwasmore about thepsychological element andeverything that theseboys endured from childhood, then growing up through the national team, and the last eight years with me. I now understand what it’s like for my wife,” said Savić in jest. These are themembers of Serbian sports’ best team: Gojko Pijetlović, Dušan Mandić, Nikola Dedović, Sava Ranđelović, Đorđe Lazić, Duško Pijetlović, Strahinja Rašović, Milan Aleksić, Nikola Jakšić, Filip Filipović, Andrija Prlainović, Stefan Mitrović, Branislav Mitrović and coachDejanSavić. Tokyomarked the culminationof the journey of a generation, but that generation doesn’t have toworry, because it’s seen that there are thosewho can succeed it!Theywent down inhistorywith the song “And now adieu”. Adieu and thanks! Serbia’s water polo teamwon gold at the Tokyo Olympics, thus defending its title fromRio Water polo team ne zauzimajumesta. Eto još jednog dokaza veličine. Pa ipak, posebno mesto u srcima svih vaterpolista, ali i svih nas, zauzima Dejan Savić. Taj dobroćudni div. Čovek koji je osvojio sve, a ne mangupira se, jer skromnost je vrlina. Dejan mnogo i ne govori. Kod njega rade dela. – Nije toliko snage trebalo, više je bilo do psihološkog momenta i svega što su ovi dečaci istrpeli od detinjstva, pa odrastanja i kroz reprezentaciju, a i poslednjih osamgodina samnom. Sada samshvatio kako je mojoj ženi – u šali je rekao Savić. Ovo su članovi najboljeg tima srpskog sporta: Gojko Pijetlović, DušanMandić, Nikola Dedović, Sava Ranđelović, Đorđe Lazić, Duško Pijetlović, Strahinja Rašović, Milan Aleksić, Nikola Jakšić, Filip Filipović, Andrija Prlainović, StefanMitrović, Branislav Mitrović i selektor Dejan Savić. U Tokiju je svoj put završila jedna generacije, koja ne mora da brine, jer je videla da ima ko da je nasledi! Otišli su u istoriju uz pesmu „A sad adio“. Adio i hvala! Posebno mesto u srcima svih vaterpolista zauzima Dejan Savić A special place in the hearts of all water polo players is occupied by Dejan Savić Fotografije: Aleksandar Dimitrijević