Berlin » Berlin | 99 Berlinci su prvi put došli na ideju da svoje tmurne jeseni obasjaju svetlomu oktobru 2004. / Berliners first came up with the idea of brightening up their gloomy autumns with light in October 2004 F EST I VA L OF L I GH TS I N B E R L I N Together we shine! Once a year Berlin’s world famous city centre sights andmonuments become canvases for the spectacular light and video projections of the city’s Festival of Lights The ten-dayFestival of Lights transformsBerlin’smost famous landmarks and historical monuments, including Brandenburg Gate, BerlinCathedral andtheFunkturm, through light projections and video art. Many local and international lighting artists take advantage of this unique opportunity to project their temporary artworks onto some of the world’s most recognisable buildings, leaving an enduring impression on viewers. emotto for this year’s special format festival is “Together we shine”, which projects amessage of gratitude, solidarity, unity and cohesion. Berlin will be lit up from11th to 20th September for the 16th consecutive year. Artistic light productions recountingmagical stories are the focus of the Festival of Lights, and they invite you to take a walk through the city. However, in order to enable all light enthusiasts and fans worldwide to visit the festival, the event will take place digitally! Aside from the light projections, the Festival of Lights also includes various art and music events, as well as guided tours that go by the name LightSeeing. Visitors can tour the highlights of the festival by bus, boat or, of course, on foot. Also forming part of the festival are photography workshops, open-door events at selected buildings and charity events. Berlin će biti osvetljen od 11. do 20. septembra, 16. put Berlin will be lit up from 11th to 20th September for the 16th consecutive yeari Berlin iStock / kavunchik iStock / VvoeVale