Fenomenon » Fenomeni | 85 Najubudljivija epizoda, sam kraj četvrte sezone – Finalni problem The most exciting episode, the very end of the fourth season - The Final Problem I najveći negativac Morijarti je dobio svoju markicu Even the greatest villain, Moriarty, got his own stamp SHE R LOCK I N A NEW SE R I ES The secret of the mysterious stamp Unfortunately this isn’t a newepisode, but the UK’s Royal Mail has issued a series of postage stamps featuring characters and scenes fromSherlock Holmes, one of themost watched TV series of all time, so don’t miss out on sending a mysterious postcard from London Tekst/Words: Jelena Pantović Fotografije/Photography: WHENUKPRIMEMINISTERDAVIDCAMERON HEADED TO China on an official visit in 2013, he was asked one question more than any other: why can’t you persuadetheBBCtoshootmoreepisodesaboutSherlock? If that isn’t enough of an indicator of the influence of one of the world’s most popular TV dramas, then the fact that the series has gained its own postage stamps certainly is. e 10th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of Sherlock was celebrated this July, and in honour of the famous detective (but also actors Benedict Cumberbatch andMartinFreeman), theUK’s Royal Mail issued a series of postage stamps depicting characters fromthe series. ey have been available since 18th August. ere are six of them in total, each of which representsoneepisodeand themaincharactersof the series. However, just like themysteries uncovered by Sherlock, these stampshide a secret that is revealedunderUV light and shows the most interesting moments from the series. An additional four stamps have been issued inhonour of other stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. e series, the pilot episode of which caused doubt within the BBC that it could become a total disaster, has beenbroadcast in180 countriesworldwide andwon countless awards, including 12Baftas, 7Emmys and the prestigiousPeabodyAward. Andas if all of the aforementioned isn’t enough of a phenomenon, we shouldn’t forget that this series had only 12 episodes in just four seasons and that the eternal dilemma is why a fifth season isn’t been filmed, given that both of the lead actors are in principle interested in a continuation. It is rumoured that this could finally happen in 2022 or 2023, but until then all that remains for us is to walk in Sherlock’s footsteps through the streets of London and send a postcardwithhis image on the stamp. And that’s something.