Thanks to the third single of her first album, Our Song, Taylor Swift became the youngest person to have personally written and performed a song that topped the country charts Zahvaljujući trećem singlu na svomprvom albumu Our Song, Tejlor Svift je postala najmlađa osoba koja je sama napisala i otpevala pesmu koja je bila na prvommestu kantri top-liste Phenomenon » Fenomeni | 83 TAY LOR SW I F T I S A MUS I C I NDUST RY Newalbum breaks records Taylor Swift is currently one of just a few music stars who can announce an album on Thursday that will be released on Friday and sell twomillion copies of that albumover the next seven days. Without commercials, without announced singles, without promotional campaigns… Taylor Swift recently released her eighth studio album, Folklore, which made a radical genre shift compared to her previous work. is singer, who began her career as a teenage Country music star, was transformed into a pop icon six years ago, thanks to the album“1989”. en, in2020, in themidst of the pandemic, she ventured into folkmusic waters. Responding to all of this, Billboard journalist Chris Evangelista wrote “Taylor Swift is not amusician, she’s amusic industry”. How did a little girl from Pennsylvania become a symbol of modern showbiz and the equivalent of a musical hurricane that sweeps away everything in its path? Before Swift became a “music industry”, she was a frequent and very easy target of the media world. is singer, who’s often described as a “serial maneater”, who first has fun with her victims and then writes songs about them, flipped her own media image to her own advantage. She used the label “woman who wants attention” and “eternal victims” on her 2014 album “1989”. She played wisely with critics and the media in the song “Blank Space”. In this song Taylor addresses a man, saying: “Got a long list of ex lovers. ey’ll tell you I’m insane. But I’ve got a blank space, baby. And I’ll write your name”. In this chorus Taylor sarcastically utilises the unrelenting joke that she uses men to write songs in order to show how crazy the idea of planning everything in life sounds, including choosing when and with whom to have a relationship just to be able to make an album. A second important thing she learned about showbiz is – change yourself. Taylor has strutted through genres like a chameleon. She began her career as a Country music singer, with the stereotypical aesthetic that accompanies that music, only to record her greatest success by swimming in pop waters. Conscious of the need for change, she packaged her latest album, with elements of the folk and Americana genres in a minimalist sound that is alternative yet still commercial and acceptable to the majority of the listening audience. e third important thing that she learned was to fight for herself and her colleagues. Swift is the first major star to rebel against the streaming service Spotify and Apple Music, which provided only small royalties to performers for listening to their albums. As a sign of protest, she withdrew her entire discography from the service until changes were made to the rules of payment for listening to the music of performers and songwriters. Adele and Beyonce later followed her example, as a show of support for less popular performers. After 14 years in the music industry, Swift has become synonymous with that very industry, because in a world where ever fewer albums are being bought, she still manages to sell two million copies in seven days. Tekst/Words: MiloradMilovanović; Fotografije/Photography: za ovu kazu (nije istok nije pro medija)