Ecology » Ekologija | 79 to the table pollutes the environment less, due to the absence of transport, and there isn’t any unwanted packaging either. Go camping Nature lovers will enjoy camping, which is better for the environment at the same time. Apart from that, it lets you save money and is unbelievably positive for physical and mental health. Switch off all devices and connect with nature. e best natural antidepressants are fresh air, forests, mountains and the sea. Repurpose or recycle Buy less, buy smarter and don’t discard. Even things you don’t need anymore can gain another purpose. Every item deserves a second life, and it’s not even that difficult. Donate clothes, old furniture and other items to charities, sell them through some internet platform or give clothing to second-hand shops. It isn’t difficult, is useful, and reduces the amount of waste accumulating in landfill sites. ings we only need occasionally can also be hired. Fix broken devices or change their purpose. Let’s just say that an old cottonT-shirt is a great replacement for a cloth. And don’t forget food waste. Be creative in the kitchen and find recipes for which you can use leftovers. Don’t throw things away! Save energy and water at home Make your home sustainable. at doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice luxury, just that you use energy as efficiently as possible. Let’s say that you don’t have to excessively heat your home and then open windows. Invest in insulation to reduce the loss of heat through windows, walls or roof. Use energy efficient LED bulbs. Water your garden with rainwater. Install a water-saving showerhead. Try only turning on your washing machine when it’s full. Buy energy-saving devices. ere are many ideas and no exertion, while the energy savings and pollution reduction achieved are great. Eco-friendly solutions When you buy a sanitary hygiene product, it probably doesn’t cross your mind that it was produced using Plastiku za jednokratnu upotrebu koristite samo kad je neophodno / Only use disposable single-use plastic when it’s unavoidable inorganic cotton that causes soil erosion and is grown using lots of pesticides, fertilisers and chemicals, the production of which consumes lots of energy and releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, with the end result being global warming and infertile soil. Buy environmentally friendly solutions in boxes whenever you have an opportunity. Use suntan lotions based on natural ingredients, given that most of it ends up in the sea anyway. Buy shower gels or shampoos in recycled or recyclable plastic packaging. Avoid plastic packaging whenever you can. Check declarations When you buy organically grown products or those that impact on reducing levels of environmental pollution, you encourage producers to produce food in a way that is less harmful to the environment, while at the same time providing your own contribution to preserving nature. iStock / Yuliia