Ecology » Ekologija | 77 YOUR L I T T L E E F FORT MEANS A LOT FOR T HE P L ANE T Life in a green sign When you hear the words ecology, sustainability and naturally, the word recycling is probably among your first associations. However, there are so many other little ways you can contribute to preserving the natural environment in your everyday life, with little or no effort Minimise car usage Did you know that transportation comprises a quarter of the world’s CO2 emissions? And no, we’re not talking about planes! In this case it’s cars, lorries, buses andmotorbikes. Cars are essential formany people, but we should seek alternatives whenever that’s possible. Public transport, cycling or walking are better for both the environment and your fitness. Also consider, if you have the possibility, an electric car. Plant a garden To have a garden is a real blessing, but don’t despair if you live in an apartment - you can grow herbs, ornamental plants or small vegetables on your windowsills or balconies, as it all serves to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the air. When it comes to planting, choose local plants – you’ll find it easier to grow them if they like the climate. If you try your hand at mini fruit and vegetable production, it’s worth knowing that your produce will be healthier than anything you buy in a supermarket, and food that travels less Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije/Photography: iStock iStock / AleksandarNakic