72 | Lajfstajl » Lifestyle HOME OF F I CE My office, my rules How the institution of the home study has become a new obsession of style - and why that’s good news for all of us who work from home By all accounts, the future of business will largely entail employees working from home. at’s both due to the need to take protectionmeasures against the COVID-19 virus and due to the rise in digital platforms that ease work from various locations. is also implies that you need somewhere to work in your home, and if you don’t have somewhere yet, or want to renovate the space you use, we’re coming to your aid with a few ideas. e good news is that you don’t need much space – the best solutions are most commonly extremely modest in dimension, but with a luxurious design. e time of bulky desks and ling cabinets is certainly long gone, while the new challenge facing interior designers is creating a home o ce that will be both elegant and functional. Not a single inch of the workspace remains overlooked in their vision – thus even wall surfaces are transformed into inspiring sections with shelves, moodboard collages and lighting – that’s because visual expression is essential for our perception of orderliness in a room. In the area of colouring, designers advise harmonious Scandinavian shades that contribute to a peaceful atmosphere. Precisely what you need to conjure a productive mood! Moderan skandinavski enterijer otvorenog prostora, sunčana soba sa mnogo biljaka, dizajnerski dodaci i drveni sto /Amodern Scandinavianstyle open plan interior, a sundrenched room with plenty of plants, designer accessories and a wooden desk iStock / KatarzynaBialasiewicz iStock / Bulgac