America: Apple pie Nothing outdoes this pie, with a sweetly spiced apple filling on crispy pastry packed with butter. e classic American apple pie is a real emblemof the U.S. and a synonym for cooking from the heart. Argentina: Apple Empanadas Empanadas are small handmade pasties that are usually filled with meat or vegetables, but Argentina’s empanadas stuffedwith apples are real mini culinary gems. You’ll also find them in Chile and throughout South America. UK: Apple crumble e UK has a top autumnal dessert: apples with cinnamon, slowly baked and then topped with crumbs of butter, sugar and oatmeal. It is best served with traditional custard or vanilla ice cream. Cyprus: Brandy-poached apples Indulge in this traditional Cypriot speciality of apples that are peeled, left whole and cooked slowly in a spicy brandy syrup. Tufahije, wonderfully sweet apples filled with ground walnuts Tufahije, divno slatke jabuke punjene orasima Denmark: Apple Cake (Æblekage) Æblekage translates literally as “apple cake”, but is actually a Danish dessert made from stewed apples that are richly sprinkled with cinnamon and traditionally served in a glass. France: Apple tart is classic French tart is recognisable by the thin, concentric slices of apple that adorn it, while it is topped with a honey glaze for additional sweetness. Germany: Apple strudel e ideal accompaniment toa strong cup of coffee, a slice of strudel makes a delicious snack in the afternoon and has long been popular in Austria and Germany. A long roll of crispy pastry filled with apples, cinnamon and raisins, if you’re really feeling extravagant add a spoonful of ice creamorwhipped cream. Italy: Apple granita You thought Italianswere renowned only for ice cream when it comes to sweets? Well no, we can also thank them for granitas. e one made with apples is wonderfully refreshing on the palate and represents a light dessert. e blended apple syrup is served semi-frozen, for total indulgence. Russia: Sharlotka cake is light and fluffy Russian apple cake has more eggs, which gives its texture an added richness, while it is covered with lots of icing sugar to give it a shiny, snowy finish. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Tufahije e recipe for Tufahije is said to have originated in Persia, while the Arabic name itself means apple. In this case it means wonderfully sweet apples filled with ground walnuts and served with whipped cream or ice cream. Serbia: Lazy apple pie This pie of peeled apples is, according to the original recipe, made using lard. An ideal cake, here in Serbia its aroma is reminiscent of childhood and granny’s kitchen, while you can find it in most Serbian bakeries. Apples » Jabuke | 69