Fashion » Moda | 65 Fashioninfluencersandfamous ladies wear white in September, designers don’t hesitate to include it in autumn and winter collections, and the time has come to forever reject this rule that emerged as a small fashionmanipulation of the old elite. So, now is not the time to pack away your white and ivory coloured items. You will wear them sweetly throughout autumn, and then replace them with designs that are also white, but warmer. Longbefore sports shoes, training vests and jeans became commonplace items of clothing that opened all doors, sometime in the mid-19th century, when the socalled nouveau riche began to appear, members of the world elite devised ways to hinder them from visually entering high society. In cities polluted by industry, dark coloured clothes were worn for practical reasons, and the wealthy spent their summers at summer houses outside the cities. Imagine scenes from the film e Great Gatsby – air conditioning didn’t exist, curtains swayed on the breeze blowing through summer houses and it wasn’t acceptable to appear in any way underdressed in public. And so white, light, linen clothing and panama hats came to symbolise the old elite, i.e. clothes intended exclusively for relaxation and leisure. It was easier to handle the summer heat in white outfits. At the same time, white has always been a sign of goodmaterial standing for purely practical reasons. It goes without saying that it must be perfectly clean, ironed, without the slightest stain. So you had to have plenty to wear and a service that took care to ensure you always looked perfect. at’s why it was once understood that youdidn’t enter September wearingwhite.With anemphasis ononce. Today youcan step into autumndonned inawhite piece, and be trendy as you do so. SUBT L E FASH I ON MAN I PU L AT I ON Yes, white is also worn in autumn The famous question of whether white clothes can be worn after Labour Day, which falls on the first Monday in September, remains relevant today. And the answer is – of course they can Savršeno elegantni Leonardo Dikaprio Perfectly elegant Leonardo di Caprio Kako jednomodno pravilo nastalo u prošlom veku sa ciljemda se tadašnja elita odvoji od novih bogataša izgleda danas How a rule of fashion that was created in a previous century with the aim of separating the then elite from the nouveau riche looks today