Fashion » Moda | 61 The energy of fashion shows has been woven into theDNAof fashion house Dior since its inception in 1946. Cruise collection shows are a special story, as they are always held in a spectacular location with the world’s high society inattendance.With thepandemic having changed the rules of the game, this time around a spectaclewas organised for the residents of the small Italian city of Lecce and 20 million Zoom viewers. Maria Grazia Chiuri found inspiration for the new collection in the rich history and traditions of the recently rediscovered region of Puglia/Apulia in southern Italy. Lecce’s medieval central square found itself in the role of a stage, decorated with over 30,000 light bulbs that were placed on facades to form the same patterns that found themselves on the dresses. Asmuch as 1.5 kilometres of led tube lighting was used to write slogans supporting women, for which Dior is renowned. And as if that wasn’t enough, they also organised a complete programme of art and fashion. Models strutted their stuff on the square, while around themlocal dancers performed to the sounds of traditional livemusic. e entire fashion collection and show placed an emphasis on femininity, tradition, old crafts and new forms. Designsmade of leather lace featuring hand-embroideredflowers alternated not only with brightly coloured designs inspired by fields of flowers, but also with dresses and outfits made from traditional linen produced in Puglia. An extraordinary fusion of the modern and the traditional. e second part of the show sawmodels appear in fluttering draped gowns, resembling goddesses with the centuries-old history of the Puglia region woven into them, imbued with the influence GODDESSES I N HAND WOVEN L I NEN That’s how it’s done by Dior Fashion shows are being cancelled, all events are on hold, we don’t knowwhen theatres will re-open... The whole world is stuck on a break, and then Dior came along with the new Cruise 2021 collection to restore our faith in fashion and life Tekst/Words: Sofija Kuzmanović Fotografije/Photography: