Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 49 metres (ASK), stood at 4.45 billion in 2019, marking an increase of 428 million over the previous year. Aviolet, the Air Serbia charter brand, had a record-breaking 2019, with 2,286 flights, of the airline’s total of 33,322 landings. “Growth of all operating indicators in 2019, including the financial performance of the business, demonstrates that the continuous measures for improvement and optimisation from 2018 yielded positive results. Air Serbia strives to adapt and change for the better, and has effectively reacted to take advantage of significant market opportunities, promoted sustainable business practices, and further strengthened its status as a regional leader,” said Air Serbia CEO Duncan Naysmith. He added that the Coronavirus pandemic, which started to affect the airline adversely in March of this year, has been the largest crisis ever to hit aviation. “We are continuously monitoring the situation, and we hope that travel restrictions will be lifted in due course, as we are unable to operate normally. We remain focused on gradually ramping up operations where possible, whilst protecting the health of customers and employees,” explained Naysmith. Air Serbia continued to grow during the first months of 2020, with an increase in passenger numbers exceeding more than 20% year-on-year in both January and February. As of mid-March, however, commercial air traffic was discontinued due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The gradual recommencement of flights began on 21st May and since then the airline has been adapting constantly to handle travel restrictions and flight bans. In the meantime, Air Serbia continues to develop innovative projects for the benefit of passengers, primarily through digitalisation and product personalisation, in accordance with its long-term strategy and global aviation trends. In July of this year alone, a new Air Serbia mobile app was launched, along with the projects “Flight Pass” and “Keep Boarding”. MA J OR NE TWOR K EXPANS I ON AND CONT I NUED I MPROVEMENT PROFITS OF €9.5 MILLION DELIVERED IN 2019 In addition to the continued improvement of operations over 2018 and the largest ever expansion of its network, with a total of 23 new destinations, 2019 also saw Air Serbia post net profits of €9.5 million, in just its sixth year of operations. THE NATIONAL AIRLINE OF THE REPUBLIC of Serbia delivered strong results in the field of charter flights, where the previous record income from 2018 grew in 2019 by an additional 24.17%, to €25.7 million. Furthermore, in 2019, the growth of income continued in the field of ancillary services, up 27.54% compared to 2018. The airline carried a total of 2.81 million passengers in 2019, while the end of last October saw Air Serbia celebrate another historic moment with the welcoming of its 15th millionth passenger in its six years of operations. Network capacity, measured in Available Seat KiloNet profits of €9.5 million in 2019 2.81 million passengers carried Total ASK (Available Seat Kilometres – number of seats multiplied by number of kilometres flown) increased to 4.45 billion New record in charter flight operations- revenue up by almost a quarter compared to 2018 23 new destinations introduced during the year, with flights operating from two more Serbian airports: Niš and Kraljevo