Iz mog ugla » Iz mog ugla | 43 It was way back in 1970 that I first heard the song “Your Song” playing on the radio. I was a kid, but I remember feeling that thenameEltonJohnwould mean something to me in the future. Back then it was difficult to have an impression of someone you knew about only through the radio... Later came videos and stories, fairy tales and legends... Elton became one of the planet’smost popularmusicians, and naturally lost his appeal to all usmusic “experts”. And that was especially sowhen his career headed in the direction of pure pop music. What delights me the most is that translating his biography took me back to listening to the first fewalbums, works that represent true masterpieces of world rock and pop music. He was the world’s best-selling musician during a good part of the ‘70s. e world rock scene was then dominated by the fashion of instrumental exhibitionism, while he and his lyricist, Bernie Taupin, preserved the value of creating real songs. And then those songs were adorned with perfect arrangements, and Elton and his band performed them live with unbelievable energy, equal to the biggest rock bands of the period. Eltonalso just happens tobe anoutstanding pianist and an excellent singer. e list of his great hits is a long one. And the list of the songs that he loves is also long. What I like themost in the book is his sense of humour and readiness to constantly joke at his own expense. Also long and colourful is the gallery of characters who proved to be his inspiration throughout all these years. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Ray Charles, e Beatles, Bob Dylan, Lyon Russell, Long John Baldry, Mark Bolan ... and Donald Duck. Elton John is one of those people who’s fully aware that life has brought him the great fortune of being able to do a job he enjoys. He loves creating songs, recording them and performing them in front of an audience. And he’s been doing that perfectly for 50 years. I saw both of his Belgrade concerts. e first one, in 1984, was a real revelation, because no one was sure what to expect. We attended a spectacle that was spoken about for years afterwards as the best performance Belgrade has ever seen. e second concert, a few years ago, brought much less excitement, but I was satisfied because he unexpectedly performed a few lesser-known songs that I adore, such as Levon. Elton was famous for his awkward nature and occasional temper tantrums, whichhewrites about openly in the book. Yet beneath it all he’s a very good man and a devoted friendwho’s helpedmany people, known and unknown. He found it difficult to overcome his vices. It was an arduous journey. But he recovered, became a better person, devoted himself to humanitarianwork. And he remained open to helping others who find themselves battling similar problems. Hemanaged tohelpout some colleagues, like Eminem and Robbie Williams. Unfortunately, however, George Michael and Whitney Houston refused his help. Andwe all knowhow that ended. In the book he announced a farewell tour for 2020, but the pandemic also spoiled Elton’s plans. He and his spouse, David, have two sons, and Elton is completely dedicated to them. And he no longer wants to be away from home for longer periods. However, he will perform live on occasion, because he can’t imagine life without that. ere will be no lengthy world tours, rather intimate performances for select audiences. If I had to find the words to describe him in conclusion, I would say that the great Elton John is musical, intelligent, witty, generous and moody. Gleda o sam oba njegova beogradska koncerta. Onaj prvi, 1984. godine, bio je pravo otkrovenje. Prisustvovali smo spektaklu za koji se godinama pričalo da je najbolji nastup koji je Beograd ikada video / I saw both of his Belgrade concerts. The first one, in 1984, was a real revelation. We attended a spectacle that was spoken about for years afterwards as the best performance Belgrade has ever seen