Beldocs » Beldoks | 31 Festival će otvoriti domaći dokumentarni film Govori da bih te video Marije Stojnić, koji će biti prikazan nakon uspešnih nastupa na svetskim festivalima The festival will open with a screening of the local documentary film Speak So I Can See You by Marija Stojnić, which will be shown after having performed successfully at film festivals worldwide Autorka filma sa ocem Arsenijem na Menhetnu Author of the filmwith father Arsenie in Manhattan The thirteenth edition of the Beldocs International Documentary FilmFestival will be held in Belgrade from3rd to 10th September FAT HE R ARSEN I E Fromartist to clergyman Serbian director and producer Svetlana Cemin’s documentary film Father Arsenie represents a uniquely intimate portrait of a modern and unusual monk with lofty objectives THROUGHADEPICTIONOF THEDAILYLIFEOF FatherArsenie andhis recollectionsof his turbulent past fromhis secular life, thedirector highlightsthetransformationprocess of an urban avant-garde artist into a cleric. e filmwas shot inManhattan, where Father Arsenie “discovered” Orthodoxy, and at the RibnicaMonastery,wherehe serves as the abbot. Itwillhave itspremierescreeningaspartof the “Special Screenings” selectionat this year’s 13th editionof theBeldocs InternationalDocumentary Film Festival. “ e life story of Father Arsenie is fascinating in and of itself, and sought an answer to the question of how it happened that an urban, avant-garde artist transformed into a senior cleric. rough all the years of hismonastic life, we discover that he issimultaneouslyatalentedsculptor, painter andpoet. I sincerelyhope that, through this film, you will feel the good vibrations that are emitted byFatherArsenie,whichgivestrength to the human psyche to expand horizons, but also to binduswarmly to our own roots.” Why specifically was Manhattan the place where Father Arsenie discovered Orthodoxy? “He lived in Manhattan in the late1980sandearly ‘90s,whereheattemptedtoprovehimself asanartist. Why the lifeof anartistwas replaced with the life of a monk was the central question of the film. at is undoubtedlybecauseof thegreat intensity of the experiences he was going through at the time, which led him to indescribablypainful experiences. emomentwhenhecame intocontactwithChristianity throughpainting was when the light opened from that gloomy tunnel, and his power was redirected towards spiritual development.” You already knew each other back in Belgrade? “In the past we were part of the milieu of Belgrade’s artistic world, which in the meantime has unfortunately melted away. rough his openness to the world and constant references tohigher goals, FatherArsenie became an important spiritual leaderofOrthodoxy,whileatthesame time a consistent artist who doesn’t stop creating.” What do you remember the most from your time modelling? You collaborated with the world’s greatest fashion creators... “I spent the first year after leaving Belgrade inMilan, and it was only upon arriving in Paris, when I arrivedfor castingatYvesSanLaurent, that I realised the door to the top of world fashion had opened to me. I worked for Givenchy, Dior, Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace, Oscar de la Renta etc. I remember my first fashionshowfor JeanPaulGaultier,who was justbeginningat the time. Iwore his avant-garde designs that he gave me instead of payment. I still have them in my closet.” And then came the even more glamorous world of acting and Broadway? “Upon arrival in Manhattan, I first started attending acting classes and after six months I’d already gotmy first lead role in the play “Oh, Manhattan”. Although I’mcurrently dealingwithfilm,my first and greatest love is the theatre stage. Of all the celebrities I’vemet,Meryl Streep left the deepest impression on me, because she has both feet firmly on theground, andperhapsalsobecause her husband is a sculptor likemine.”