Sport » Sport | 109 of you now reading this article are probably thinking to yourselves: Who?! is famous gamer, known as ‘Ninja’, made history on 5th August 2019 when he decided to switch from the streaming platformTwitch (themost popular platformamong gamers) to the platformMixer, whichwas created byMicrosoft. is 29-year-oldAmerican signed a six-year contract for making this switch, which will see him earn as much as 932 million dollars! For now only the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Michael Jordanhavemanaged to achieve such earnings, while CristianoRonaldo could still enter that exclusive club! For an even better comparison, footballer Lionel Messi earns 92 million euros annually from sponsors and his contract at Barcelona, while Blevins earns 155! We’ll also mention other players who’ve achieved the kind of stardomin e-sports that’s comparable to the aforementionedMessi, Ronaldoor Jordan. emost famousLeagueof Legendsplayer isLeeSang-hyeok, better known as Faker, who has been the highest paid player for three consecutive years and who earned 1,228,000 dollars in 2020 until the break caused by the pandemic. Dane Andreas Højsleth, aka Xyp9x, is a member of the Astralis teamand currently the world’s best CS: GO player. He is known for recording three kills per death and has won almost every tournament in which he’s competed since 2018. Finn Lasse Aukusti Urpalainen, aka Matumbaman, is a living legend of DOTA 2 and a member of Team Secret. He won won three of four tournaments during 2017 and the Dream League in 2020. He indicates how European players are slowly Od početka 21. veka različite simulacije objedinjene su pod nazivom E-sports i počela je revolucija kakvu dugo nismo videli Since the start of the 21st century, various simulations have unified under the title of E-sports, launching a revolution the likes of which we haven’t seen for a long time catching up with the rest of the world. e technological revolution has brought us a new kind of tournament, but that’s not the end. A new faction has been emerging since 2010, in the form of competitions in games for mobile phones! e mobile games played today include Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Free Fire, as well as other games that have their own computer versions. ings have never been changing faster on our planet than they are now, and we are all trying to keep pace... One revolution is just a precursor to the next, and the choice is ever increasing.