Sports » Sport | 107 even be classified as sport. Defenders of this position most often state that playing video games, just like any other sport, requires “careful planning, precise timing and very skilled execution”. ere are ever more meetings between the InternationalOlympicCommittee and representatives of e-sports organisations, and it is expected that these sports will be included in the Olympic Games as early as 2024. In that year’s Paris games, however, theywill not receivemedals, though that could change from 2028 in Los Angeles. We received the first sign that e-sports arebecomingpart of theOlympic family inPyongyang, whenfive e-sports players fromSouth Koreaparticipated intheOlympic torchrelay for the2016 Winter Olympics. Asia actually dominates in e-sports competitions, with teams from this region usually apProcenjuje se da je oko 106miliona ljudi gledalo Svetski e-sport šampionat Approximately 106million people are estimated to have watched the World E-Sports Championships pearing in finals. e best players probably come from China, whichhas huge competitionswithin the country before anyone qualifies for world competitions. However, South Korea represents a kind of phenomenon because it achieves almost equally good results as China despite being far smaller. Approximately 106 million people are estimated to have watched the World E-Sports Championships (another reason why the IOC is opening its doors to these players), while it is mostly played in specially designed arenas. Players who most often play the five most popular games – Fortnight, DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients), CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), LOL (League of legends) and Valorant – sit at computers on stage, with huge screens placed all around them. It is interesting that each of these games see players use heroes, mythical creatures andmonsters, or play a simulation with people warring with each other. We said that screens are everywhere, but let’s illustrate what that actually means. e entire first row of the stands is covered with screens, while huge panels are located below and above them, four huge TVs are situated in the middle of the hall, enabling fans to follow everything that’s happening, and behind them is the main TV. Alongside excellent audio coverage, this acts like real hypnosis! Furthermore, everything is tailoredtoviewerswatchingthese clashes via streaming platforms, YouTube or their TVs. It is to be expected that a lot of money circulates here, given that the events are most often sponsored by giant tech companies from Silicon Valley, as well as Chinese companies that enjoyunbelievable growthyearon-year. You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you that Tyler Blevins is the world’s richest athlete. Many