| 77 Planina Sen Viktoar najčešći je motiv na njegovim slikama Mount Saint-Victoire Mountain is the most common motif in his paintings to painting and enrolled in a free painting school in 1857, where he discovered his talent, after which, in 1862, he moved to Paris, though he never succeeded in enrolling in the city’s National School of FineArts.Therehe came intocontactwith impressionists Pissarro, Sisley, Monet and Renoir. He exhibited in Paris with other Impressionists numerous times, but critics ridiculed his works. Disappointed, he withdrew and returned to his home in Aix-enProvence, where he lived in complete isolation and practically didn’t leave his studio, only to become famous after his death. He was highly rated during his life by Picasso, who considered him the father of modern art. “He is the father of us all,”said Picasso. He considered this artist his great protector and teacher, which he showed only through the purchase of Cézanne’s works, but also through the purchase of the famous Château of Vauvenargues (where Picasso is buried) to the west of Saint-Victoire Mountain, because this mysterious mountain was a common motif of Cézanne’s paintings. Picasso is said to have often carried a gun loaded with blanks that he would red at people he considered boring, but also those who said something o ensive against his idol, Paul Cézanne. And the queenly landscape of his youth, the aforementioned Sainte-Victoire Mountain, dominates Cézanne’s work: 44 oil paintings and 43 watercolours are preserved in museums and private collections worldwide. Be sure to walk to the ‘plateau of the painter’, as it’s known locally, where you will see precisely what the artist saw while he sat and created. This a place where you will undoubtedly feel the presence of the inimitable Cézanne.