| 75 Picasso is said to have often carried a gun loaded with blanks that he would re at people he considered boring, but also those who said something o ensive against his idol, Paul Cézanne Cézanne said on one occasion: “If you were lucky enough to be born in Aixen-Provence, you won’t need anything else”. The city is located at the very heart of Provence and is consider a haven for the soul and a paradise for art lovers. The special light of ProvenceguidedCézanne, who was born here and, after his excursion to Paris, died here, creating his best paintings. By strolling through Aix youcansharehis experiences intensively, while visiting the streets, sites and landscapes that marked the life and work of the father of modern art… Immediately tour his studio, where youwill beable toseehiscoat still hanging froma coat stand. Here, on a hill, among his favourite renowned objects – models of his nal still life, his furniture and working equipment – you will feel his completepresencemost intensely. Inhis studio, he tirelessly captured the light through thehugewindows that dominated the space. From 1902 until his demise in 1906, he created dozens of works here that are nowpreserved in majorworldmuseums, includinghis last work – The Bathers. Cézanne (1839-1906) was born here to a wealthy family. Although his father expected him to continue in the family business, Paul turned