46 | Playing with di erent musical styles created by fusing various in uences from Cuba, Egypt, Jordan and other distant parts of the world, Hindi Zahra created an authentic expression that earned her global acclaim and a successful career. She is now returning to Belgrade, where she rst performed two years ago, also under the scope of theMusicology Festival, so we start our interviewby asking her what she expects of her secondmeeting with the Serbian public… “I remember being thrilled with how the organisers welcomed me and how the audience accepted me. Everyone in Belgrade is so wonderful and warm. The fans really liked the performance, and the way they truly and essentially experienced my music remained in my memory. I felt that. That’s why I can’t wait to come back in September and to experience all of that again.” Did you nd something in our country that you’re happy to come back to? “Precisely that incredible connection with the audience! It was unreal, and that’s something I’m happy to return to. I found a small festival with a big soul and surprising energy in a distant city. It’s amazing that, regardless of how different the cultures that we come from are, we all become one when it comes to music. People in Serbia have great knowledge and excellent taste inmusic, and they can feel mymusic in the right way, because it comprises themost diverse influences.” Youliketotell storiesaboutyourownexperiencesandconvert themintomusic.Whatwillyoutellusabout themost? “Everything that happens to someone in life, whether good or bad, creates an impact and transforms their personality, and with that also their creative side. I believe it was actually those toughest moments of my life that changed me the most. But my spiritual experiences also helped a lot. Yes, all those stories are now part of me, and I just love to sing! That’s what drives me.” With a little blues, jazz and quirky Moroccan ethnomusic, you create your ownmusic, while you are also a selftaught multi-instrumentalist. How did that happen? If a family of musicians to blame? “As a child who grew up in a musical family, I listened to a lot of good music that inspired me and had an impression on me every day. In my spare time nowadays you can find me listening to everything from trap, through traditional, digital and classical music. There are no boundaries. I’m a poet, dreamer and meditative philosopher.” However, despite all external in uences, our roots are what de ne us? “I will remain forever in love with my country and people. Morocco is a country that has everything – tall snow-covered mountains, desert, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Nature is truly amazing.” The fans in Belgrade truly and essentially experienced my music. I felt that Publika u Beogradu je istinski i suštinski doživela moju muziku. Osetila sam to