| 35 Fashion is an applied art, and as such it keeps pace with contemporary achievements, atmospheres and lifestyles. The emphasis is on applied. Unlike previous seasons, creators have returned to true values, good and precise tailoring, and luxury materials. Collections are cleaned of exhibition, but not also of simple, wearable models. They are intended for those who follow and buy fashion. On the catwalks we sawdapper designs of lavish cuts, as well as those that are perfectly cleansed. Feminine dresses, sharp suits, the in uence ofmilitary styles, a return to the past according to the inspiration or in uence of contemporary events. The formula for a good look this year is a little of everything. Let’s progress in order. At the head of the fashion convoy was New York. This season they presented us, simply stated, with beautiful designs. There wasn’t too much philosophy and need for clari cation there. The designs are wearable, luxurious, elegant and just as youwouldwant to wear them. At work, on the street or for some other occasion that you experience. NewYork FashionWeek is actually known as themost pragmatic andmost commercial fashionweek. Famous creator Michael Kors found a theme for his new collection in the atmosphere of the once famous Studio 54 club. Finding their way into his collection are wearable everyday designs, such as a coat of classic sh bone thread and oral dresses inwhich you can actually stroll on the street. The nonchalantly elegant Tom Ford suggested we wear shirts over roll-neck sweaters and satin trousers. We sawenchanting thoughessentially simple gowns fromCarolinaHerrera. Performing the nal piece was Marc Jacobs, with a collection that’s an ode to femininity. The fashion roadshow thenmoved to London and found itself welcomed there by everything buy simple creations. Maximalism at its peak. Luxuriously decorated dresses and jewellery of artici cal diamonds alternated during the shows of Erdem and Christopher Kane. With Burberry, cuts worthy of haute couture were drawn on characteristic woven fabrics suitable for everyday designs and dropped onto the catwalk. Of course, all of these are wearable and adapted to today’s needs. As the lucky third, Milan welcomed its fashion days with reduced silhouettes and faded colours compared to last season. Gothic andmilitary styles teamedup in the kindof unique creations we saw in the shows of Bottega Veneta and Prada. SENOSI STAV VELIKAČETVORKA JEODLUČILA On the catwalks we saw dapper designs of lavish cuts, as well as those that are perfectly cleansed. The formula for a good look this year is a little of everything. Na pistama smo videli gizdave modele raskošnog kroja, kao i one savršeno pročišćene. Formula za dobar izgled ove godine je pomalo od svega Kolekcija modne kuće Barberi za jesen/zimu 2019/2020 Burberry fall/winter 2019/2020 collection