Destiny » Sudbine | 97 Kad uđemu avion Er Srbije, već sam stigla kući – S obzirom na to da dosta putujem, često sam na letovima Er Srbije. Uvek sam se osećala vrlo prijatno i sigurno kada letim i apsolutno nikada nisam imala ni jedan jedini problem. Poseban je osećaj kada nedelje i nedelje provedete u stranoj zemlji i onda u nekom dalekom gradu uđete u naš avion. Odjednom od ljubaznog osoblja čujete svoj jezik. Iako vas čekaju sati leta, u tommomentu zapravo ste već stigli kući. WHEN I BOARDANAIR SERBIA PLANE, I’VE ALREADY ARRIVEDHOME - Considering that I travel a lot, I amoften aboard Air Serbia flights. I’ve always felt very comfortable and safe when flying and I’ve absolutely never had a single problem. It is a special feelingwhen you spend many weeks in a foreign country and then, in some distant city, you enter our plane. Suddenly, through the communications of the friendly staff, you hear your own language. And although you’re awaited by hours of flight time at that moment, you’ve actually already arrived home. setbacks in life are there to teach, strengthen and prepare us for the future. From this perspective, I think we’ve succeeded and that people will be able to identify with my story. The plot of the film unfolds in different European cities, we travelled to Paris, Milan, Győr, Munich etc. The toughest moment was definitely returning to the site of the accident. It was at that spot between Győr and Sopron, while we were travelling to a friendly match, that two people lost their lives. They will forever remain in my heart.” How did you feel when you first watched the film? “It's still unbelievable tome. It was very difficult for me to watch myself on the big screen. However, this is also a story about friendship and a lesson about how people need to cooperate, cheer for each other and push each other forward. I’m happy that we have, in some way, paid tribute to the people who helped me emerge from my life’s battle as a victor. It seems to me that, in this period that’s difficult globally, we’ve provided peoplewith additionalmotivation for future challenges.My dad is in the film, my brother appears, mum can be heard over the phone, my close friends, who gaveme extra motivation to get through all the stages of recovery...” What are your further plans? “The film premiere was actually my last lookback on everything that was and I’m now directing myself forward, towards future plans and goals. In the meantime, I completed my Master's studies in Great Britain and have been working at the Basketball Federation of Serbia since 2018. I’m extremely glad that, after everything, I still managed to stay in the sport that is my first love, and that I’m continuing to contribute to its development in some differentway. I’ve been running the foundation that bearsmyname since2014, and itwas also that year that I was proclaimed a FIBAambassador, while I’malso a FIBATechnical Delegate. I really lovemy job and try to contribute to my sport every day.” Neposredno posle izlaska iz bolnice išla sam da skačempadobranom sa 3.000metara. Bilo je zaista veličanstveno Immediately after being discharged from hospital, I went to do a parachute jump from 3,000metres. It was truly magnificent