SPORT / SPORTS 96 | Sudbine » Destiny Due to one tragic event, but first and foremost the way she recovered and the satisfaction that she later found, the life of NatašaKovačevićhasall theelements required for a screenplay, which recently alsogained the form of a film called Skok [Jump]. Nataša spent a full six long years making the film, inwhich she describes her strugglewith the consequences of what she survived on 7th September 2013, when the entire team of her then basketball club, Győr, suffered a serious road accident that took the lives of the teamcoach and general manager, while the injuries sustained led to our basketball player having to have her left leg amputated below the knee. Shewas an extremely talentedplayerwho’d fallen in love with the game under the hoops while at Partizan, only to later mature at the Voždovac and Red Star clubs. She participated in three European championshipswith Serbia’s national cadet category team and won a bronze medal at the continental championships with the junior national team. By the age of 19, she was ready for her first foreign engagement. Next came a call fromHungarian club Győr, and then that traffic accident. Nataša poured all of the emotional breaks, reconsiderations and motivational sources of her recovery and perception of her new life situation into the film Skok. She said herself that the most difficult thing for her during the filming process was returning to the scene of the accident and confronting the emotions and memories that will never fade. “The idea for the film came just before my first official match after themotor accident, inNovember 2015. Screenwriter Aleksandar Miletić, director Ivica Videnović and I had a clear goal: we wanted to show people, in a dynamic and optimistic way, that the obstacles we all face in life are transient. I believe that defeats and STORY OF T R AGEDY AND V I CTORY Through a retrospective of an unpleasant event, the filmSkok [Jump] leads the viewer through the strong spirit of this heroine, eight years after the tragedy that completely changed the priorities of her life Tekst/Words: Aleksandar Pijevac Fotografije/Photography: Vesna Lalić, Zoran Ilić Themiraculous destiny of Nataša Kovačević