Lake Skadar is the largest lake in Montenegro and anywhere on the Balkan Peninsula. It is packed with islets and headlands that show traces of history and precious cultural heritage Skadarsko jezero je najveće jezero u Crnoj Gori i na Balkanskompoluostrvu, prepuno ostrva i na kojima se nalaze tragovi istorije i vredna kulturna baština Montenegro » Crna Gora | 93 B EACHES , I S L ANDS , MONAST E R I ES All the beauty of Lake Skadar When you head towards the sea from Podgorica airport, before you breathe in the scent of the Adriatic, you'll come across a body of turquoise water, intersected by numerous islands, covered with a carpet of water lilies… Welcome to Lake Skadar National Park Živopisna ribarska sela, vidikovce, plaže, tvrđave i manastire prate brojni mitovi, legende i istorijske priče Picturesque fishing villages, vantage points, beaches, fortifications and monasteries are accompanied by numerous myths, legends and historical tales FOTO: Depositphotos / Studio M The sea, which is right there “around the corner”, can wait. Actually, one theory has it that this lake was once a bay of the Adriatic Sea. What we know for certain is that it is filled by six rivers, the largest of which are the Morača and Rijeka Crnojevića, while the River Bojana flows from the lake in the area of the Albanian city of Shkodër, after which the lake is named. The largest lake in the Balkans, it is home to a great flier, excellent swimmer and unsurpassed angler – the Dalmatian pelican. If you see one, you can count yourself lucky, because it is an endangered species. Apart frompelicans, other protected bird species have found a haven here, such as the great white egret, black ibis and meadow snipe. The heart of the Montenegrin state used to be right here, and the fortresses and medieval monasteries bear witness to the strong spirituality and turbulent history of the area of today's national park. Its Picturesque fishing villages, vantage points, beaches, fortifications andmonasteries are accompanied by numerous myths, legends and historical tales. Many of them have never been written down and are only recounted by locals, monks and abbots. So, be sure to make time for an unforgettable cruise to get acquainted with this wonderful lake. Beaches The surprisingly beautiful sandy beaches of Lake Skadar are the ideal refresher when you’re seeking tranquillity and true nature. Murići beach is located in the eponymous village, which is reminiscent of a small coastal village. Apart from fine sand and warm water, you’ll be delighted by the beautiful view of the island of Beška. Here you can try your hand at activities like sailing and bird watching, or simply enjoy fish specialities. Pješačac beach is located below the rustic village of Godinje. It can only be accessed by boat, through a tunnel of reeds and carpet of waterlilies. You are awaited there by a real paradise – an authentic restaurant, beach and view of the island of Grmožur. Everything here is in harmony with nature. There’s no electricity or vehicle access, and the beach is a sweet little secret. Islands andmonasteries Whether you’re a believer or not, the years carved into the church lintels are fascinating, and the peace that reigns on these islands awakens spirituality. Starčevo, a monastery dedicated to the Most Holy Mother of God, was constructed between 1376 and 1378. It was built on the island of the same name by a famous cleric, the old man Makarije, who lived here as an ascetic. Moračnik Monastery is considered the architectural pinnacle of the builders on Lake Skadar. Beška is a convent on its eponymous island. With the scent of lavender, basil and mint, here you can hear interesting stories about Jelena Balšić, the daughter of Serbian Prince Lazar. On the island of Vranjina is a monastery dedicated to Saint Nicholas that was built way back in 1233 and played a significant role in history.