Jubilee » Jubilej | 71 Tajna leži u tome što je ovo bio prvi parfemkoji nije mirisao ni na jedan cvet. Šanel 5 je skupmirisnih nota od kojih nijedna ne preovladava The secret lies in the fact that this was the first perfume that didn’t have the scent of a specific flower. Chanel No. 5 is a compound of fragrances, none of which dominates been providing aromatic flowers to Chanel since the No. 5 perfume was born. Interestingly, no chemical fertilisers have ever been used to grow their crops, since a time long before this practise became modern. The selecting of a number for the name of the fragrance represented another break with tradition, just like the rectangular bottle with a geometric shape. It was customary at the time for perfumes to have heavily decorated bottles and poetic names. However, this move paid off, with the simple numeric logo and minimalist bottle becoming a status symbol synonymous with luxury. As with all cult items, this perfume was immediately linked to celebrities. Some ladies are said to have used it to wipe their tables, Marilyn Monroe is remembered for stating that she wore to bed only a few drops of the famous perfume, while the inimitable AndyWarhol created nine prints of No.5 that were exhibited in New York’s MoMA. As might be expected, the product’s promotion was also specific. Coco presented the perfume by spraying the space around a table at a French Riviera café where she was sitting. It is said that every woman that passed stopped to ask what the fragrance was. And the rest is history. FOTO: Profimedia.rs / Pascal Guyot / AFP FOTO: Profimedia.rs / The Advertising Archives