Belgrade » Beograd | 63 R I TAM GRADA / RHYTHM OF THE CI TY BradMehldau, theworld’s topcontemporary jazzpianist, will presenthismagnificent trio inSerbia for thefirst time at a bonus DomOmladine concert. The festivalwill onceagainoffer anassortment of the best jazz flavours from across Europe. Leading the list is NorwegianveterandoublebassistArildAndersen,but this time with a new star in his quartet: saxophonist Marius Nesset. Among the more experienced performers is also GermantrumpeterMarkusStockhausen,whoseveinsflow with the blood of his famous father, Karlheinz, and who has announced a performance combining jazz and modern classics. We will alsowelcome a true “all-star” band in the formof theRymden trio, featuringBuggeWesseltoft, creatorof theso-calledNewConceptionsofJazz,DanBerglund and Magnus Öström, as well as the rhythmic pianists of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio, themost popular European jazz band ever. Fans of avant-garde jazz are awaiting the best in the genre, prior to midnight in the darkness of the Belgrade YouthCentre’sAmericanaHall. Providingthefireworksof freeimprovisations, fusingjazzwithpunk,metalorpsychedelia, andplentyofdancegrooves,will be the international Spinifex Sextet, Sweden’s Angles 9 nonet, Italy’s joyful Ghost Horse sextet, as well as Portuguese and Austrian trios TGB and Edi Nulz. The unifying of such emotions will culminate in the performance of France’smost popular jazz band,Thomas de Pourquery &Supersonic, which revives the craziness of the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra. At the other end of the emotional scale, Hungarian jazz vocalist Veronika Harcsa reconstructs the legacy of Claude Debussy, trumpeter Itamar Borochov fuses the sensibility of his native Israel with the spirit of NewYork, whileGreece’sPetrosKlampanisprovidespoetic imagesof warmharmonies and romanticmelodies. Attracting special attention is the programme SeifertNight:TheBest of Polish Jazz. Leading the best jazz artists fromPolandwill be the experienced trio of pianist MarcinWasilewski, togetherwith esteemed guest performer Joe Lovano, while the energetic trumpeters of the Piotr Damasiewicz trio will also present themselves, as will Seifert Foundation Award-winning violinist Mateusz Smoczynski. The festival opens with Novi Sad’s Majamisty Trio, with a premiere programme and guest performers that includerenownedAustrianclarinetist/saxophonistUlrich Drechsler.The SerbianShowcase actually offers three facesof jazz: the free-jazzacrobaticsof saxophonistJasnaJovićević, electro-groovedrummerPeđaMilutinovićandthe Drumbootyproject,aswellasthemodernmainstreamDramaQuartet.Our artistsproudlystandshoulder-to-shoulder with the jazz genre’s world champions, securing Serbia’s important spot on the jazz map of Europe today. AndiftheclosingperformanceseesBradMehldauplay “ExitMusic (For aFilm)”, his interpretationof the famous Radiohead song, wewill knowthatwe’ve experiencedanother exciting jazz film, in the company of jazz greats and their topstudents.Thatmusicwillmerelypresent theprelude to the new half a century of the Belgrade jazz flame, which we await with the same excitement. Đorđe Ristić Miodrag Bata Knežević Milan Tasić