MODA / FASHION Fashionweek has passed, the pandemic hasn’t, but we’re definitely returning to life, packing away our tracksuits and leaping into satin cargo pants, corsets and tops, sequins, feathers, light jackets and dresses with unusual cuts. Yes, we’re dressing up again. Comfortable, but feminine, attractive and thoughtful. The first fashion week in New York since February 2020 was held in accordance with the situation. Some fashions shows were shown digitally, but most were live and had an audience in attendance, though of course, outdoors, on streets, squares and balconies. Fashion shows came one after another, and as interesting as the cuts and silhouettes were, the main impression was left by the colours, colours, colours and patterns.The designs had both awork and eveningwear style, gowns fit for a red carpet or off-the-wall creations for crazy pool parties. The line between strict business and afternoon attire has definitely been lost. After 20 months of dressing “for around the house”, the question of what to wear to fit into the new normal is now more relevant than ever. What is desirable? Which pieces are must-haves? Do we dress for parties, the office, or that new life? Fashion has finally shown that it’s more than just dressing up. To merely visualise real life. Let's get started.MichaelKors,withoutwhomaNew York fashion show can’t even be imagined, launched on thecatwalk femininedesigns, relaxedsuits, cashmere luxury, sensual lace with knitwear, as well as designs with a provocative cleavage, yet convenient for wearing. Collina Strada has stayed true to its eco approach, but with incredible silhouettes and enchanting prints. The world is changing, and us along with it, and in accordance with her we will have to get used to a little neon, which can often be very inconvenient to match. So, thoughtful or erroneous. And, of course, punk. WHAT D I D WE SE E AT FASH I ON WE E K Glamour has returned to the streets of New York Fashion dominated every interesting exterior in September. Fashion has survived. New York Fashion week for the spring/summer 2022 season showed us sequined cargo pants, shells, neon… Everything we’ve been yearning Nedeljamode u Njujorku uvek podseća da počinje nova sezona, da je kraj odmora. Ove godine, nakon velike pauze, cela stvar deluje još uzbudljivije i interesantnije New York Fashion Week is always a reminder that the new season is beginning, marking the end of the summer holidays and getting back to school. This year, after a long break, the whole thing seems even more exciting and interesting 48 | Njujork » New York FOTO: Profimedia.rs / www.fashionpps.com / Avalon