Er Srbija je tokommaja pojačala frekvenciju letenja kaMoskvi, a početkom juna obnovila privremeno obustavljene letove do Krasnodara i Sankt Peterburga te pokrenula liniju do Rostova na Donu Air Serbia increased the frequency of its Moscow service inMay, then restored temporarily suspended flights to Krasnodar and Saint Petersburg in June and launched its new service to Rostov-on-Don DESPITE AN INITIAL PLAN TOOPERATE these flights until the end of September, it was decided for them to continue until the end of the summer season, i.e., until the end of October. And, subject to further developments regarding demand and travel restrictions, Air Serbia will decide on possibly also flying to these three destinations during the upcoming winter season. The Serbian national airline will continue flying to its Russian destinations under the same dynamics – up to eight times a week to Moscow and twice a week to Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. “We are happy with the success achieved with our services to the Russian Federation, as it indicates our promptness in adjusting to changes on the market. Rostov-on-Don is the third completely new destination in our network since the beginning of the pandemic, which is an additional reason to be satisfied with the results of this well-conceived, but also very brave, decision. We continue to monitor the global situation and react quickly to all changes to travel restrictions, in order to use every opportunity and offer as many options as possible to our passengers,” said Jiri Marek, Air Serbia General Manager, Commercial and Strategy. Thanks to its direct flights to these four important economic, industrial and cultural centres of Russia, the Serbian airline represents the main gateway for travelling to our region and beyond for passengers from the world’s biggest country. SA I NT P E T E RSBURG, KR ASNODAR AND ROSTOV- ON - DON Thanks to its good results achieved during the summer season, Air Serbia has decided to extend the period during which it will fly to three destinations in the Russian Federation: Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, and its latest destination, Rostov-on-Don AIR SERBIA TO EXTEND FLIGHTS TO THREE RUSSIAN DESTINATIONS THROUGHOUT OCTOBER Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 41 FOTO:Depositphotos / Olivia AIR SERBIA IS RECOMMENCING FLIGHTS BETWEEN Kraljevo and Vienna on 12th October. These flights fromMorava Airport to the Austrian capital will operate twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, until 30th December. “We are glad that wewill enable passengers fromCentral and Western Serbia to have direct flights to Vienna from our third airport in Serbia. Our goal is tomake organising trips easier for them in the coming period, and to provide the traditionally good service that our passengers can expect on all our flights,” said Boško Rupić, Head of Sales at Air Serbia. Flights fromMorava toViennawerefirst establishedon 17th December 2019. The Serbian national airline will be operating flights from Kraljevo using the regional ATR72 turboprop aircraft. Tickets are already on sale. PONOVO LETIMO IZ KRALJEVA ZA BEČ WE’RE FLYING FROM KRALJEVO TO VIENNA AGAIN ERSRBIJAĆE 12.OKTOBRAPONOVO uspostaviti letovena relaciji između Kraljeva i Beča. Letovi saAerodroma Morava ka austrijskoj prestonici obavljaće se dva puta nedeljno, utorkom i četvrtkom, do 30. decembra. – Raduje nas što ćemo i putnicima iz centralne i zapadne Srbije omogućiti direktan let do Beča sa našeg trećeg aerodroma u Srbiji.Cilj namjeda imolakšamoorganizacijuputovanjaunarednom periodu i pružimo tradicionalno dobru uslugu, kakvu naši putnici mogu da očekuju na svim linijama na kojima saobraćamo – izjavio je Boško Rupić, viši menadžer prodaje u Er Srbiji . Linija sa Aerodroma Morava do Beča uspostavljena je 17. decembra 2019. godine. Srpska nacionalna avio-kompanija će letove iz Kraljevaobavljati regionalnimATR72turbopropavionom.Avio-karte su već u prodaji. FOTO:Depositphotos / maugli