NOTHINGWITHOUT ASTONMARTIN Intense action and drama have gone hand in hand since the very beginning with the legendary Aston Martin DB5. Indeed, the car’s role in the final scene of Spectre enabled a smooth transition to No Time to Die. The story continues with Bond and Madeleine driving along the Italian coast, only to continue with potentially the most impressive performance of an Aston Martin in a car chase through the narrow, labyrinthine streets of Matera in southern Italy. Premiere » Premijera | 39 much to learn. Amix of light and darkness. “The audience has witnessed this change. They watched Bond learn to become an agent, to earn his license to kill, and they saw how expensive that was. He's a loner, and yet he learned to let people in. He loved and lost and carries those wounds. I wanted Bond to look like a killer and I wanted him to act like a killer, because that's what he is. That's how he was written. But I also wanted his internal conflict. In all the films, there's a lot about relationships and how those relationships affect him. How they change him and direct his life. This film is Bond's final confrontation,” says the actor. In order to tell this story, the producers turned to Cary Joji Fukunaga, who jumped in after Danny Boyle left the franchise. Fukunaga is the first American to direct a Bond film, and he himself says that it’s something he always wanted to do. Ništa bez astona martina Intenzivna akcija i drama odvijaju se ruku pod ruku od samog početka sa legendarnim aston martinom DB5. Zaista, uloga automobila u poslednjoj sceni Spektre omogucila je nesmetan prelazak u Nije vreme za umiranje. Priča se nastavlja sa Bondom i Madelejn koji voze italijanskom obalom, da bi se nastavila potencijalno najupečatljivijim performansama astona martina u drumskoj jurnjavi uskim, lavirintu sličnim ulicama Matere u južnoj Italiji. FOTO: Profimedia.rs / Royal Mail / Ferrari