KULTURA / CULTURE 38 | Premijera » Premiere CR A I G B I DS FAR EWE L L TO BOND, BU T… It's still not time to die After a year and a half of waiting and several delays as a result of the pandemic, Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond for the last time, together with Oscar winner Rami Malek, in the 25th instalment of Ian Fleming's story of Agent 007 After four films in the most watched and most popular franchise of all time that have marked his career (Casino Royale, Quantumof Solace, Skyfall, Spectre), the latest James Bond adventure, shot with the biggest budget for a Bond flick to date, sees Daniel Craig again play famous agent 007, who has this time resolved to settle downwith awoman and finally retire. Bond's idyllic retirement, however, is unexpectedly interrupted when his old CIA buddy, Felix Leiter, turns up seeking his help. But the mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist will turn out to be much more complicated than expected, and will send Bond on the trail of a mysterious villain, an American of Egyptian origin (played by Rami Malek). And to find out how it all ends, you’ll have to head to the cinemas, where No Time To Die arrives on 7th October. The story continues where Spectre left off, so we return to the time when Daniel Craig, back in 2015, brought the 24th instalment to a close with the traditional words – James Bond will return. But the then 47-year-old Craig had no intention of returning. “I thought I was probably physically not capable of doing another film,” said the actor at the time, who tore his meniscus during the filming of Spectre. “It's over,” claimed Craig, who is said to have defined one Bond era like no previous 007. His story of five films, like a “mini series within a series”, leads us through his emotional evolution to a place we’ve never seen Bond before. And that was the reason for the chief protagonist to have a change of mind... Craig was enticed by the opportunity to explore another, deeper side of Bond, which was the key reason for his return. “It's interesting to explore his emotions…He doesn't feel like other people, because he's a killer. On Casino [Royale] he loses the love of his life… and in Skyfall he loses M. So, it’s about loss, and that’s a big theme. Why not have big themes in an action movie about a killer? With Spectre we left a strong story, but also many things that were left unsaid. In this film we’ve managed to round it all off. And yes, in No Time to Die the themes are love and family,” explained Craig. And in this last film, despite all his excellence in certain areas, Craig’s Bond is by nomeans infallible. He is not a hero of myth and legend; he is a man who has FOTO: Profimedia.rs / Supplied by LMK / Landmark