Music » Muzika | 31 Kultura Culture Milan Savić, koji sa Anom Radovanović čini Duo Vibrance Milan Savić, who together with mezzo-soprano Ana Radovanović, forms Duo Vibrance Osmi međunarodni festival saksofona, koji se održava do 6. oktobra širomSrbije, sjajna je prilika da čujemo najznačajnije strane i domaće saksofoniste The eighth international saxophone festival in Serbia, which takes place throughout Serbia until 6th October, provided a great opportunity to hear the most important foreign and domestic saxophonists It was while studying the flute and clarinet at the Brussels Conservatory that Belgian Adolf Sax invented this instrument, after whom it is named. When renowned French composer Hector Berlioz heard the sound of the saxophone, he described this diversity: “I knowof no other instrument with such a specific quality of tone that extends beyond the limits of audibility. One moment deeply quiet, the next full of emotion. Dreamy, melancholic, sometimes with a whispering echo...” And immediatelyafterBerloizcameastringofnames ofworldmusicwhowere thrilledby the new instrument –ClaudeDebussy,MauriceRavel, Sergei Prokofiev. Itfirst became famous thanks to jazz musicians like Charlie Parker, Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Sidney Bechet... They transferred the saxophone fromjazz clubs tobigbands at the beginning of the 20th century. However, although it flourished, itwas inaway slaughteredby great orchestral works. In France, it wasn’t until the mid-1940s that the ParisConservatory includedthe saxophone in its studies. When the Academy of Arts opened inNovi Sad, the saxophonedidn’t evenexist inclassicalmusic inthis area. Itwasperformedexclusively inthe jazzgenre. Itwas eight years ago that the association of saxophonists, headed by saxophonist Milan Savić, started promoting the saxophone throughallmusic genres. And so itwas, in2014, that the Belgrade SAXperience was founded – as an international saxophone festival in Serbiawhere themost important domestic and foreign saxophonists perform. “Thefestival isspecific inthat it followsmoderntrends and strives to reach the broadest layers of the audience, so in addition to presenting the saxophone in its most popular jazz version, classical concerts are alsoorganised during the festival,” says Savić, who has been decorated with the FrenchOrder of Arts in the Rank of Knight. ThisOctober, thepublic inBelgrade, butalsothroughout Serbia, has an opportunity to enjoy the sounds of the instrument that’s played by Lisa Simpson, but also by Novak Đoković during breaks in his tournaments. Okay, he’s trying to play… SAXP E R I ENCE I N SE R B I A Because autumn sounds like the saxophone If each instrument was allocated a specific season, then the saxophone would definitely be autumn. It still has within it that seductive, easy playfulness of summer, and yet is so melancholy and sad