Hollywood » Holivud | 29 Ourfilmartist isalsograteful toWesleySnipes,whom he says is an extremely affable man, despite everything he’s gone through in life. “He is a master of multiple martial arts and wears a fifth dan black belt in karate, so that’s where we found a common interest and something to speak about. He evenpostedaphotoof us together onhis Instagramprofile. Regardless of howbusy theywere, they allmaximally respected me and gave me their attention.” Filimonović has also had the opportunity to meet great Hollywood stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. “They were my childhood idols. I met Schwarzenegger at the gym. I remember approaching himand saying that I’d come to America because he, among others, had inspired me to try my hand at acting. He was very kind and we had a nice talk. It was the same case with Stallone. I met himat a BeverlyHills restaurant. He is an extremely nice, cultured and very patient man. Aleksandar currently lives and works in Los Angeles, but he previously also spent years living inMoscow, London, New York and elsewhere. Before attending the Lee Strasberg Institute, he graduated in computer science at Royal Holloway, University of London. “I speak Russian like a Russian because I spent five years attending primary school there. They sometimes Volim Er Srbiju – Er Srbiju volim pre svega zato što u imenu ima reč Srbija. Jedva čekam da se uvede direktan let za Los Anđeles. Kada putujem po Evropi, uvek letim našim avio-prevoznikom kao prvo iz patriotskih razloga, ali i ti patriotski razlozi ne bi mogli da budu opravdanje da kvalitet nije na prvommestu – ističe Aleksandar. I LOVE AIR SERBIA “I love Air Serbia first and foremost because its name contains the word Serbia. I can't wait for them to introduce a direct flight to Los Angeles. I always fly with our airline when I travel around Europe, firstly for patriotic reasons, but even those patriotic reasons wouldn’t be justified if quality wasn’t to the fore,” notes Aleksandar. found life very tough, but they were always full of dignity and pride, but were also big hearted. They respected me greatly as a Serb and I made a lot of friends there. I moved to London at the age of 13. That was a richer but colder country. I was an excellent mathematician, and I also received a football scholarship, and while in London I also graduated in computer science. I later relocated to New York, where I studied acting.” That’s a city that he says is a world unto itself, which is why he’ll never forget the moment he first exited the subway on Times Square and saw the city in its full splendour... “You shouldn't sleep toomuch inNewYork, because you’llmiss out ona lot if youdo. I also spent ninemonths living in the city of Santa Monica, and I really liked that retirement town. But I decided definitively six years ago that Los Angeles would bemy base, though I always like to point out that – alongside all of the world's metropolises – Belgrade is the dearest to my heart. I’m working on my career so that, in the future, I’ll be able to bring worldproductions tomy city and thus helpmany artists inour country.That’smy goal andwill bemy indescribable happiness,” reveals Aleksandar, adding that he could never be seduced by the charms of Hollywood, because he loves Serbia. His dream is to succeed professionally in Hollywood, but to live in his own country. Vesli Snajps je izuzetno nasmejan čovek, uprkos svemu što je prošao u životu Wesley Snipes is an extremely affable man, despite everything he’s been through in life Stalonea sam upoznao u restoranu na Beverli Hilsu. On je izuzetnio fin, kulturan i veoma strpljiv čovek I met Stallone at a Beverly Hills restaurant. He is an extremely nice, cultured and very patient man