Destination » Destinacija | 109 India, Indonesia, Iraq, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Cyprus, Congo, Cuba, Lebanon, Mali, Morocco, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, the United Arab Republic and Ceylon), three observer countries (Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador) and multiple liberation movements, parties and organisations. In the following decades, Yugoslavia continued to be among the leading promoters of the ideas and fundamental principles of non-alignment policy, while at the same time working to deepen cooperation with all developing countries in numerous areas. Following the collapse of the Socialist Yugoslavia and subsequent events, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia applied for observer status in the Non-AlignedMovement, which was accepted at the NAM ministerial meeting of November 2001, held in New York. The Republic of Serbia regularly participates in NAM summits and ministerial meetings, while it was itself the organiser of the Ministerial Meeting of NAM Countries dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the First Conference of Heads of State and Government of non-aligned countries, held in Belgrade on 5th and 6th September 2011. Serbia is committed and consistent in implementing the basic principles of multilateralismbased on the UN Charter and international law - preserving peace and security, respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states, as well as strengthening cooperation in the process of finding common responses to all modern global challenges. The Non-Aligned Movement’s role in these processes remains of great importance and it is necessary to work on it continuing to play an active and constructive role in realising the vital interests of the largest number of countries andpeoples to achieve permanent peace andprosperity. The Republic of Serbia is proud that it will, as the host of this gathering, have the great honour and pleasure of welcoming its traditional friends from all parts of the world. Skup će biti održan 11. i 12. oktobra 2021. godine u Beogradu The summit will be held in Belgrade on 11th and 12th October 2021 Tekst/Words: CorDMagazine Fotografije/Photography: Arhiv Jugoslavije An official publication is currently being prepared to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the first conference of non-aligned countries, which was held in Belgrade in 1961. The publication, which is being produced by CorDMagazine publisher alliance international media, in cooperation with the Government of Serbia, will be distributed at all official gatherings organised to mark this occasion.