Sports » Sport | 97 ži krug u istoriji Formule 1! Prethodno je najbrži krug na bilo kojoj stazi Formule 1 izvezao Finac Kimi Raikonen u bolidu Ferarija, takođe u Monci, pre dve godine, prosečnombrzinomod263,587kilometara na čas i tako posle 14 godinaoboriorekordfenomenalnog Kolumbijca Huana Pabla Montoje, koji je 2004. imao vreme 1,19,525. Ali sve je to uzalud, jer Hamilton je upisao novi rekord za istoriju. Mihael Šumaher je bionajbolji i zamnoge će to ostati, s punim pravom. Ali kada vidimo šta je Hamilton postigao do danas i šta će verovatno postići ove i narednih sezona, s pravom možemo da tvrdimo da je on već sada GOAT – najbolji svih vremena. At the moment Mercedes announced that Michael Schumacher would retire for a second time and wouldbereplacedbyLewisHamilton from2013onwards, itwas clear that all the legendary German’s records wouldbeunder threat.Hamiltonhad then amassed 21 victories and one championship title with McLaren. Today, a full eight years later, the countdown has started to the race thatwill be followedby reports statingthatLewisHamiltonhasachieved the most victories in the history of Formula One. He will have the opportunity to surpass the total of 91 GrandPrix triumphs as early as this October. If for somereasonhe fails to dosoduring thisautumnmonth, his namewill surelybe inscribed ingolden letters by the end of the season. Andeverythingcouldhaveheaded in another direction. e world of Formula One wondered why the German team didn’t welcome into its ranks the best German driver, three-time championSebastianVettel. Why Hamilton and not Vettel? at questionwas repeatedover the next 12months, because Lewis only recorded a single victory in his first season with Mercedes, while Sebastian had a total of 13! Along with a new title. And then everyone understoodwhy! It’s becauseHamilton is the best. Alongside perseverance and knowhow, he also possesses incredible natural talent. e planet has athletes who push rivalry to the point at which it becomes nasty, ugly to watch. Hamilton isn’t among them. Lewis doesn’t want to worm his way through; for someone to gift him something on the track...He justwants to win. Fairly. e old guard was irritated by his behavior beyond his racing car. Champions used to be expected to live in a paddock, to fill their lungswith amixture of petrol andburnt tyres ... Lewis loved to have a fun time, to hang out with Beckham and the British jet-set, to hit the townwith singers, to wear colourful clothes and sport tattoos... Hewas a representative of the newgeneration thatwasn’t really interested inwhat happened yesterday or a few days ago, let alone 10-15years ago. ey calculatedthat “society would eat him alive”, that he’dnever be thenewNigelMansell, Jackie Stewart or Jim Clark. ey were right – he never became that; he became even better than them. Over recent years FormulaOne has been converted into one man’s struggle against time and records thatwere set over the sevendecades of the world’s fastest circus. Hamilton shifted the boundaries and no one doubted any longer that he would become the GOAT - Greatest of all time. Victories and titles came thickandfast, andontheeternal list, just likeonthe track, hebegancatching andovertaking, one by one, FernandoAlonso, Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Vettel et al. And then he secured the 94th pole position of his career at Monza in September. e lap that brought him the number one position in the starting line-up saw him “fly” over the track in one minute, 18 seconds and 887 hundredths, clocking an average speed of 264kilometres per hour, which is the fastest lap in the history of Formula One! e previous fastest lap on any Formula One track was recorded by Finn Kimi Räikkönen in a Ferrari, also at Monza, just two years ago, with an average speed of 263.587 kilometres per hour, with whichhebroke the14-year recordof phenomenal Colombiandriver Juan PabloMontoya,whorecordeda time of 1.19.525 minutes back in 2004. But all of that was done in vain, becauseHamilton set a new record for the history books. Michael Schumacher was the best, and will justifiably remain so for many. But when we see what Hamilton has achieved so far, and what he is likely to achieve during this season and those to follow, we are also justified in claiming that he is already the G.O.A.T.. Hamilton je pomerio granice i više niko ne sumnja da će postati GOAT Hamilton shifted the boundaries and no one doubted any longer that he would become the GOAT