Očekuje vas nezaboravna avantura You are awaited by an unforgettable adventure Reka Belica je ponornica, tokom sušnog perioda nestaje u zemlji i živopisni kotlovi ostaju bez vode do prvih većih kiša The River Belica is a sinkhole that disappears underground during the dry season, while the picturesque cauldrons are left without water until the first major rains. The canyon of the river Belica, comprising three smaller tributaries, is a proper oasis among thewild rocks that form the bedrock of themedieval town of Svrljig. Through the rocks, this river cuts a small but impressive canyon, consisting of specific cauldrons, forms created by the retention andwhirlingmovement of water. There aremore than 10 cauldrons of different lengths andwidths, connected by small waterfalls, while the largest cauldron has the greatest depth: 3.5m. This pristine pearl of nature and hidden gemof this area has retained its purity and beauty thanks to its inaccessibility. The cauldrons are breathtaking, bothwith their exquisite beauty and the temperature of thewater, which literally takes your breath away even during the summer. A small damwas built at the point where the Belica empties into the Svrljiški Timok, so locals, as well as numerous guests fromSvrljig and the surrounding area, swim there even today. The elders also called this place “Antin vir”, while the entire stretch from the emergence of thewater from the spring and from the Belica to the Timok is today called Banjica. Thewater is crystal clear and potable, and the entire landscape seems as though it was created for adventurers. Instagram » Instagram | 89