Novi Sad » Novi Sad | 79 Novi Sad is themostwonderful placeon the planet for many good reasons. Primarily due to its geographical position beside theDanube and the slopes of FruškaGora National Park. Agreat advantage for every city is the possibility of going to a beach or islands, and it has several of both. It is full of adornments, like PetrovaradinFortress, parks andquaysidepromenades beside the river. Novi Sad is a city that’s tailored to suit everyone, modern and traditional, with great cultural potential. However, the most important element of Novi Sad are the citizens themselves, who give the city a special spiritwith their immeasurable charmandsense of humour. Good cuisine and old-town tamburica lute music will prompt a smile from everyone. at’swhy I constantly return to itwitha smile. Novi Sad is like returning to memories or a reminder. Way back in 2006, I went with my husband to ailand and lived for six years on the island of Koh Samui. Two children and a paradise island distractedme frompainting somewhat, but when I returned, oversaturated by sunshine and sea, I realised that my place is here, in Novi Sad, and that my paintings never had more light than then. From the perspective of a woman fromNovi Sad, every street is a recollection of childhood. A city that is traversed on foot. I record encounters with old and new architecture in my paintings, listen to the visual rhythm and transformations of the city. e streets are full of shaded courtyards and alleyways, French balconies, open windows penetrated by light. e buildings are refined and testify to tradition. e short streets are connected by large, wide boulevards with facades that represent the contemporary juncture of a hectic life. Novi Sad is a city that isn’t just beautiful and charming, there everyone feels as though they’re at home. We aregreathosts and loveour guests a lot.Wewelcomeyou! 3 Fasada u centru grada 4 Urbana četvrt 5 Pogled na tvrđavu 3 A city centre facade 4 Urban district 5 View of the fortress 4 5