Culture » Kultura | 71 that the famous G.I. Joe action figure toy was modelled after the likeness of Mihajlo Pejić [Colonel Mitchell Paige]. TeslaNation also presents Professor Vladimir Bulović, who is currently one of the world’s leading scientists in the field of nanotechnology… Personal stamp andNikola Tesla From the start I wanted that story to be personal. e angle of presentation was their personal first-personperspective: “I amthis and that.My parents are him and her. I come from there”. Likewise, Tesla’s appearances, through the interpretation of actor Jack Dimić, actually come (via voice over) from his autobiography. e legs that travel through America are my own legs and those of all those heroes who passed, throughout all these years, from their own areas or from one part of America to another. We are all one I would repeat what Tesla says in the first sentence of the film: “We are all one. People are interconnected by invisible forces”. We all represent one being here on planet Earth andwe are all connected in someway. If we try to understand it in that way and to understand the person next to us, regardless of where they come from and what their religious or other beliefs are, to understand them at the level of that belonging to one being, then boundaries are irrelevant. en the opportunity emerges for the creation of some truly wondrous new world that transcends even the most beautiful dreams of personal realisation. Either such a world will be created or we, as humanity, will disappear. Open doors of America During the course of this project I also became a citizen who came from Serbia and worked in America. My personal journey helped me to further understand all these people. America is a country that was built on individual values, and things progress when you get a chance to showyourself. One door opens another… e U.S. is a country that was built by all the peoples of the world, but that alsomeans that the competition is global. In a country that exports its films all over the world, I found space to provide my own contribution. Oscar, Harvard, Alexandria… Apart frombeing officially nominated for the 2020 Best Documentary Feature Oscar, this film is also included in the world’s most important archives, such as the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., Harvard University Library, Yale University Library, New York Public Library, e National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg, Egypt’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the world’s oldest and largest archive, andmany others. e filmalso had successful premiere screenings inBoston, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, where it won the Spirit Award and NikolaTesla’sWorldAward, while it has alsobeenshown inWashington, Chicago, Toronto,NewYork, Sydney etc. Mihajlo Pupin bio je naučnik, pronalazač, profesor na Univerzitetu Kolumbija... Mihajlo Pupin was a scientist, inventor, professor at Columbia University ... Gordana Vunjak Novaković, jedina članica Njujorške akademije nauka The only female member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Gordana Vunjak Novaković