Rhythm of the city » Ritamgrada | 63 the bustling city. When the boat lands on this paradise island, a small pontoon bridge leads directly to the club restaurant, where a cooked dish from a pot is on the menu every day and where you will be awaited by pleasant and kind hosts and the intoxicating scent of lilies and chestnuts. So, when you come to our beautiful white city, don’t miss out on a visit to its green marvel and indulging in the magic of the river. When you board the boat that sails from the Sava quayside to Ada Međica, you leave behind riverbank your surname, position, profession, party affiliation and bank balance... You step onto the island only with what makes you human and lungs filled with love for nature Do Međice nema puta, nema mosta i prečica. Da biste došli do tamo, morate da koristite čamac There are no roads, bridges or shortcuts to Međica. You have to take a boat to get there Ovde će vas dočekati prijatni i ljubazni domaćini You will be awaited by pleasant and kind hosts