Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 53 Moji ukućani, supruga i troje dece, bili su veoma ponosni na mene, a ja sambio ponosan na svoju Er Srbiju / My immediate family, my wife and three children, were very proud of me, and I was proud of my Air Serbia A I R SERB I A AND HEROES F ROM THE SHADOWS WHERE THERE IS PRIDE THERE IS NO FEAR Captain Raško Grčić was one of the fearless pilots who flew during the state of emergency, under incredible circumstances, to bring aid to Serbia from distant parts of the world, forgetting about illness, fatigue and fear. This is his story ... I’MPROUDOF AIR SERBIA, BECAUSE it was there to transport our trapped students, our citizens who remained in various cities without the possibility of returning home. Above all, I’mproud of Air Serbia because it was among the first airlines that enabled the transporting of essential equipment from themost distant countries of the world. We showed once again that we are the ones who were immediately ready, without hesitation, tomake ourselves available to our country and our citizens. For me, a hero is anyone who uses their knowhow and abilities to do their job as best they can. Themost important thing during the worst pandemic was to bring respirators, protective suits, masks and gloves. For them to reach those who needed them themost then. It was extremely important for us to bring asmuch equipment as possible. We didn’t dare allow our country, citizens and doctors to be lacking in that vital equipment. And that was themotive and strength of us all. My immediate family, my wife and three children, were very proud of me, andwhere there is pride there is no fear. These flights required that, in addition to a pilot, we had twomechanics and one load balancer. It was necessary for everyone to perform their part of the task as well as possible. This was where the skills of the pilot, as the trip leader, came to the fore, in dividing the work to ensure the flight functioned like a clockwork. Andwe all rolled up our sleeves and loaded equipment, because it was important for us to depart for our country as soon as possible. All together – as pilots, mechanics and balancers – we arranged the heavier boxes, then balanced themwith the lighter ones, because the layout of the load is important for take-off and landing. We worked as a single teamunder the supervision of the load balancer. As soon as we would return, the next crewwould immediately head back to China. During those times, Air Serbia built a kind of aviation bridge. We were there to once again show our citizens that their national airline is always there and is capable of instantly transporting people or equipment fromanywhere in the world. That feeling that we are able and know how to fly to themost distant points in one day, and to bring back everything that our country needs, as well as the fact that I was part of those crews, will remain as themost strikingmoment of spring 2020 for me. Našimgrađanima pokazali smo da je njihova nacionalna aviokompanija uvek tu We showed our citizens that their national airline is always there