Lifestyle » Lajfstajl | 47 You certainly won’t go wrong if you always pack one dress with a wow effect Svakako nećete pogrešiti ako uvek spakujete i jednu haljinu sa wow efektom 3. Don‘t be scared of colours Conventional tips for packing often imply not deviating from one colour palette, in order to make combining as easy as possible. However, conventional advice, as the name suggests, isn’t for those who enjoy stylish risks, like you and us. at’s why we vote for accentuating bright colours that will be your fashion stamp in your passport - Aleksandra selected Parisian blue shoes and a passport case – and we also like all the optimistic shades of yellow, as well as the particularly popular lipstick red accessories for this season. 4. Be a fashion optimist (but check the weather forecast) There is no easier way to ruin a short trip to another city than to have the wrong clothes with you for the weather there. And not to mention that a downpour can always surprise those who religiously follow what meteorologists say. That’s why things like eco-leather biker jackets, waterproof ankle boots and large soft shawls that can be wrapped like a cloak are ideal for spontaneous Instagram moments on the road, even in the most deceptive weather conditions. Na sledeće putovanje ponesite samo kvalitetne klasične komade Take only highquality classics on your next trip