46 | Lajfstajl » Lifestyle T H I S I S HOW F EMA L E T R ENDSE T T E RS PACK Chic “to go” You should act toward your luggage like you’re an experienced world traveller, and upon arrival at your destination look like an influencer every day You can’t pack again, you don’t have time, you brought half of your entire wardrobe? ere’s no reason to panic! We asked Aleksandra Vučković, whose Instagram account, @withinstalovealex, is followed by over 17,000 people, to reveal which item every woman already has in her wardrobe – which are very photogenic and good for combinations, even when you can only carry hand luggage on your journey. But let’s start from the beginning... 1. Create your own moodboard that you can pack in accordance with You know that endless series of Pinterest street style photos of Parisiennes and New Yorker girls that inspire you for the new fashion season and that look captivating in old jeans and a plain white T-shirt, with a man’s trench coat casually slung over their shoulder? Now is the right time to copy them! Take only high-quality classics on your next trip, which you will enrich with your favourite jewellery and some extravagant accessories from shopping in a given destination. 2. A dress that speaks all (fashion) languages Whether you’re heading on a romantic getaway or a business trip – you certainly won’t go wrong if you also pack one dress with a wow effect, even if you don’t have an opportunity that would require it in your itinerary. Firstly because you never know when you may be inspired to wear it – and, even more importantly, because you can always “quieten it” with a blazer or a cardigan for a normal evening in the city. LAJFSTAJ L L I FESTYLE