34 | Gordon Remzi » Gordon Ramsay Da li vas je do sada neka destinacija iznenadila? Da li se desilo nešto što niste mogli da pretpostavite? – Iznenadio me je biber! I ranije sam bio u Indiji, pa sam mislio da ovog puta neće biti tako uzbudljivo. Ali u Kerali sam ponovo shvatio kako istorija područja i regionalizacija utiču na važnost bibera kao začina za tamošnje ljude. Sam odlazak u džunglu da bi se nabavio biber i kuvanje zajedno s tim ljudima nekoliko minuta kasnije bilo je iskustvo koje ostavlja bez daha. Sve to me je ponovo podsetilo koliko su važni lokalni sastojci za speci čne lokalne ukuse. Ne postoji ništa slično tome da na licu mesta osetite autentičnu lokalnu hranu. cue and finished it with some lemon. Passing that on to my son just weeks after doing the same thing in the jungle was pretty amazing. No pots or pans, no olive oil, no zester, no chillies, and we got to spend the sunset enjoying this one bass in a different way. Everyone is talking about new normals, new habits that we are yet to acquire. How do you think travel will change in a post-pandemic world? - It’s safety first right now. But we can never leave behind the excitement of travel and curiosity— that is fundamentally important. We need to travel and continue taking amazing adventures, because there’s something breathtaking in doing that and exposing ourselves to new places. at will never disappear whatever happens. So, you certainly already have new travels planned. Where are you going? - South America is next. Brazil and Argentina. e robustness of their food, and the way they grill and preserve, really excitesme. Add in the adventure of some of that outbackmountaineering and you‘ll easily understand why I can’t wait to travel there. Has any destination surprised you so far? Did something happen that you couldn’t have guessed? - I’ve been to India before, so I thoughtmy familiaritywouldmake things less exciting. But in Kerala I understood again how the area’s history and regionalisation affect how important the peppercorn is to the people there. Just going into the jungle to get peppercorns from the tree and cook with them a few minutes later was a breathtaking experience. All these things bring back the importance of how good ingredients can taste when they’re sourced locally. ere’s nothing like tasting the food of a destination when you’re there. DINE&WINE Druga sezona je zamene kao prva sezona na steroidima. Podigli smo nivo u smislu destinacija i avantura / Season 2 for me is like Season 1 on steroids. We’ve upped the ante in terms of the destinations and adventures