New York » Njujork | 109 GUGGENHE I M MUSEUM White shell at the heart of Fifth Avenue This spiral white building of reinforced concrete was the realisation of the ideal of famous architect Frank LloydWright. He aspired to embody organic architecture that would correspond to the authentic human need for the natural and the beautiful The GuggenheimMuseum is located in the very centre of New York, on Fifth Avenue, according to thewishes of its founders, who weremembers of the prominent American Guggenheim family. Built according to the project of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as a spiralling cylindrical building of reinforced concrete resembling a nautilus shell, it represented the realisation of his ideal, which he dubbed “organic architecture”. roughout his rich creative career, Wright constantly strove to recreate natural forms that would correspond to an authentic human need, which he finally achieved with this project. He referred to ordinary square and rectangular buildings as boxes, and decided to design a building that would look unusual and unique, without ornate details and adornments. Construction lasted 15 years, and Wright unfortunately didn’t see its wonderful concentric circles that spread from the bottom upwards filled with people admiring paintings and architecture, as he died in 1959, the year the museum opened. Solomon R. Guggenheim, who acquired an ever growing art collection as he gained prestige andwealth in business, was persuaded to share these artworks with the world by a German noblewoman in the early 1930s. Guggenheim, who was a great philanthropist, decided to create a museum, and to do so at the heart of New York. And thus this pearl of art and architecture was created, as the white beauty on Fifth Avenue, which nonetheless, due to its specific structure, was often subjected to criticism that wasn’t always favourable. Its oval space made it difficult for individual pictures to be presented in an adequate way, while some large formats couldn’t be displayed at all. Despite that, thanks precisely to its originality, the Guggenheim Museum has remained a true architectural work of art, and at the same time a testimony to the artists who provided huge contributions to the development of modern art. What makes this museum’s collection significant is the entire collection of the works of Kandinsky, as well as significant artworks by all artists of the 20th century. is is a rich collection that includes the works of over 2,500 contemporary painters and sculptors, including Picasso, Léger, Chagall, Impressionists and many others. Nakon genijalno smišljenog spiralnog penjanja nećete primetiti da ste već na petom spratu muzeja The ingeniously conceived spiral rising ensures that you don’t even notice you’ve climbed to the 5th floor of the museum Tekst/Words: Vanja Filipović Fotografije/Photography: iStock, Profimedia.rs iStock / tinnaporn